Simple Makeup Tricks For Beginners Step by Step to Bring Out Your Cool Skin

Apply these makeup tricks to blend with your …

Light blonde to mousey or even mid-blonde hair or white-colored or steel-grey hair.


Glowing blue, grey, hazel, or eco-friendly eyes.

Pale skin, such as whiter-than-white, ivory or a pinky “English rose” style of tone.

These soft colors, as well as shades of shimmer, tend to decorate your cool, pale color for a soft yet lively look.

Let’s Look At these Step By Step Makeup Tricks

Step 1

Your delicate skin doesn’t require any heavy coverage, so use a light tinted moisturizer. Dot it on your nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin.

Then use your fingertips to blend it in.

Step 2

To give your skin a soft glow, use a cool pink cream blusher. Dot on to your cheeks, and then blend using your fingertips.

You can either eliminate powder to leave your skin with a moist look, or dust a little over your face.

However, be gentle with your skin in order to show off your natural skin tone.

Step 3

Dip an eye shadow brush into some baby blue eye shadow. Then sweep it evenly over your entire eyelid.
Stroke the brush gently over your eyelid a few times until you’ve swept away any visible edges to the color.

You can also work a little eye shadow under your lower lashes.

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Step 4

Sweep a shimmery ivory shadow from the crease of your eyelid up towards the brow bone. Finish with 2 coats of brown/black mascara.

Simple Makeup Tricks For Beginners Step by Step

Step 5

Stroke your eyebrows into shape with an eyebrow brush. This will also flick away any powder that’s caught up in the hairs.

Step 6

Use a lip brush to apply some cool pink lipstick. If you want, you can slick a little lip gloss or lip balm on top.

This is to give a shiny, sexy appearance.

Here are 2 tips to consider when it comes to Makeup tricks and eye shadow …

If you’re over 35 or unsure about wearing blue eye shadow, opt for a cool grey shade.

This will create the same soft effect, but it’s slightly more subtle.

Shimmery eye shadow can highlight wrinkled eyelids, so you can use a matte ivory shadow instead.

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Follow these simple steps to achieve that special look for you. This look will definitely enhance your cool skin tone.

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