Maybelline Makeup Products for Face and Eyes

We recognize Maybelline as one of the best cosmetic brands in the world. The tagline, maybe she is born with it or maybe its Maybelline rightly brings out the aim of this brand. Maybelline aims at creating products that give you the perfect look, without making you look all made up or harsh. The makeup should blend in with your skin so well, that people perceive your beauty as pure and natural. Maybelline started as a family owned business. The company expanded with successful launch of many eye makeup products. However, an array of opportunities opened up when L’Oreal Inc acquired the company. Today, Maybelline is synonymous with color, style, innovation and quality. Girls take pride on being perceived as hip, intelligent, smart and charming on using Maybelline products.

Maybelline Makeup Products for Face and Eyes


Research Team

L’Oreal Inc boasts of one of the world’s largest cosmetics research laboratory. Hence, Maybelline being a L’oreal brand has some of the world’s best resources to experiment, innovate and introduce quality products in market at affordable price. With strength of 400 scientists in their research team, Maybelline promises to give a lot more in future.


Maybelline products have wide reach. The fad for Maybelline products has reached more than 70 countries. Keeping in sync with rising demands, many showrooms in all major cities stock Maybelline products. Additionally, it is easy to order Maybelline products online. Hence, owning Maybelline products is no longer is distant dream for any woman.

Product Line

Maybelline offers broad array of cosmetics products for your face, eyes, lips and nails, along with variety of application and styling tools. Maybelline has designed each product keeping in mind a specific benefit. To be able to serve large number of consumers, they offer different features within these products, to suit several requirements of consumers.

For Face

Pamper your face with foundation, concealer, powder, blush and bronze. They offer benefits like anti shine, anti aging, hydrating, long lasting, etc. To help you achieve the perfect look, these products can give you matte, natural, or shimmer finish as per your preferences.

For Eyes

Maybelline Makeup Products for Face and Eyes

Maybelline entered the cosmetics market with its range of eye makeup products to help you get well-defined and expressive eyes, Maybelline offers enhanced quality eye shadows, eyeliners, brow liner and mascara. The product features include definition, lengths, long wear, precision, volume and color. These products are available in matte, luminous, pearl, metallic and shimmer finish.

For Lips

Trust Maybelline to give you attractive and kissable lips. The products available are lip color, lip-gloss and lip liner. Whether you wish to have a specific color and flavor, or wish to have moisturizing, long lasting, and definition features in your lipsticks, Maybelline lipsticks are the answer.

For Nails

Maybelline Makeup Products for Face and Eyes

Maybelline cares for your nails too. They offer wide variety of nail colors to suit your mood and attire for the day. The biggest advantage of using Maybelline nail colors is that they dry fast and hence leaves you with smooth and shiny coat of nail color. Users can choose cream, metallic or pearl finish, as per their preferences.

The Most Popular Product

Maybelline Mascaras continue to be their most popular product. Whether you are aiming for length, volume, definition, curves or color, Maybelline offers wide range of products to suit your requirements. The well-designed mascara brush gives you the look you always aimed for. A few strokes coat on your lashes, from root to tip, leave you with deep shades of color, giving them an instant shine, volume and definition. The color does not drip or clump. Additionally, the curls in the lashes last longer.

We hope we have been able to give you a brief description about the Maybelline makeup products and about mineral makeup of Maybelline to help you make right decisions.

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