Nadinola Cream Reviews, It’s Work? How to Use It?

Nadinola cream reviews – Hey guys! I don’t feel a quick review or give you a little bit of information about the Nadinola fade cream.  Let me get this over with before it starts acting up again okay. So today I’m gonna talk about the $19 feed cream. There it is, I got Nadinola cream from Walmart for under $5. I think and I want to say fake creams are mainly used to you know to even out your skin tone like you might have scars or you might have patches freckles liver spots and all that stuff. And you want to try it?

Nadinola cream reviews


You know try to lighten them so they can match their skin can match so for a while you guys know that I have bad skin and I finally figure out. And you know that witch hazel and apple cider vinegar that’s an amazing job or just at least getting rid of the pimples, or the breakouts.

But the only thing is I’m left with dark marks on you know here and some here. I also every time of the month you guys know ladies now I also go through that breakout in this area. So I know it’s hard to get rid of the that’s that pimple marks right here. So this is one of the reasons. I was on a search for fade cream the first one I tried was the AM be one and this really did nothing for me as you can see still fall and I barely used it.

I had friends who use Nadinola fade cream and they said did amazing things for them. Especially one friend that had a sunburn and she really didn’t put on her ski Joe and I noticed a difference, but for me what I did this is just felt like point putting a moisturizer on and nothing happened.

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I had those that type of skin that it takes a lot for it um for anything to get through. It so if you got any hear any noise just my air conditioning it takes a while for things to get through. It like I could do so much damage my skin and it would even go through like. I could put creams lotions masks and all this stuff is out of my skin and it really doesn’t affect. Because my skin is really hard for it to really absorb anything.

If that’s why it’s also dry yeah so the everyone did nothing for me. So this one yeah was from Walmart and fades are dark for an evener skin tone. It’s supposed to help fake dark spots liver spots freckles dark areas. You know that you get when you’re using like birth control pills for example. So it’s supposed to do that and it’s a push to moisturize as well while giving you an es turn sunscreen. And it has adequate Hydra quitting kwinto kwinto 3% of just a late for 3% those are all busy chemicals.  That you know lighten your skin to you to have a more even thing even out so it’s also great to use under makeup and yeah so yeah.

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Overall I want to say it’s an okay product I know this over time when I was putting it on my chin. I didn’t notice that my skin was getting a little bit lighter in that area because before I did this was all dark. But now it’s a little bit lighter which is a good thing. But as far as my acne marks here I still there I’m still looking for something else because this did not work as you can see the bottle is still full and it’s like a really thick cream. And yeah, it does say that it takes time because I used it for almost a month.

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On you know kind of on and off a little bit but consistent I guess at the same time but I don’t know. So I do want to say that he did okay but I think it could have been better. I’m certain I decided to get rid of it or not I was reading reviews on it and they get saying that it works. Because I got the extra strength formula and I thought that would really work. But it didn’t leave me anymore. It wasn’t a strong anyway and before I finish the video. I wanted to just tell you guys that in no way am I trying to reach my skin because I love my skin tone I to love it and I know this woman out there who do use this kind of products to lighten their skin that’s their goal to lighten.

Overall their whole skin me that’s not the case I know might be any comments you know why you do this your skin tone and all the stuff. That’s not my goal. I just need to get rid of the marks that I have here and here I’ve been trying to get rid of them and it’s still not. It’s not working so if you guys know any natural products I think I can try out things. That I can do to try to help fade good mark the dark marks.

Please let me know below so overall I want to say that I’m just not impressed with the product it didn’t really do much except moisturize and he does have sunscreen. So that’s a good thing people that on YouTube that did use it said that it worked for them. But for me it does not work really they do recommend that you know.

You don’t put it all over your skin. I don’t put it on my face. I put it on the on that area here and sometimes I try to do here because my chest was kind of getting marks as well. So I try to put it there because if you do put it all over your face and my light in your whole skin the people that I work for. So you don’t want to do that and also you put in one area too much. You might get that area like different colors on your skin like you might have your skin.

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I hear darker than here lighter or you might have one lighter in one darker. So you don’t want that you want to put in areas where you know. That you have more marks than anything and that’s what I did so yes so skin discoloration fade cream. Yeah, that’s what it’s supposed to do, but for me did not work. So I think I’ll see if I want to keep using this and or just get rid of it. I’m not sure anyway. Thanks for reading. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMFVTEVgvMY)