Naked 2 Palette By Urban Decay In Depth Review

The Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette is an eye shadow palette that mostly focuses on natural browns and shimmery golds. It also has a few matte colors as well (Foxy, Tease, and Blackout), but other than that, the rest are shimmery and look great for everyday eye looks.

I’m now going to list all the colors of the eye shadows in the Naked 2 Palette and a short description of their quality.


Foxy: This is the best highlighting color for your brow bone you will ever try. It is such a plain color and keeps your brow bone highlighted all day long. I have tried other base colors, and this is my favorite one ever. It is a matte color, and unlike the other base color in the palette, Bootycall, it is not shimmery at all.

Urban Decay heat palette looks, Urban Decay Cherry Palette Looks

Half Baked: This color was also featured in the first Naked Palette, and it is a perfect inner lid color. It is shimmery light gold and really helps brighten up your eye look.

Bootycall: This color is also a highlighting color, but I don’t really feel like I use it for anything but applying it to my inner corners. It includes too much shimmer for a brow bone highlight color but is great for your inner corners.

Chopper: This color is basically the same as Half Baked, except for a slightly more brownish tint to this one. It is perfect for inner lids, and I usually alternate between these this color and Half Baked.

Tease: This color is my favorite eye shadow color of all time, and what most attracted me to the Naked 2 palette! Out of all the palettes, I have tried, and every single eye shadow I’ve ever worn (which is ALOT), this is my all-time favorite eye shadow. I use this eye shadow every single day for school. It gives the perfect natural eye look and is the best matte brown I have ever used. It’s not too dark and not too light, and it doesn’t have any runoff problems.

Snakebite: This color is a perfect color for your outer corners. Like Tease, I use it every day on my outer corners and it’s a very dark, shimmery brown. I really like it, but I don’t suggest putting your whole makeup brush in it because it’s a very intense and dark color. However, if you gently tap it into the shadow, it will not run off either.

Suspect: This color is really pretty and is a very natural shimmery light brown color. It is definitely one of my favorites in the palette.

Pistol: This color has not won me over. I don’t know why, but the first time I used it, I don’t think it went well with the other colors. It just didn’t really blend well with the other natural browns and golds.

Verve:’This color is a silvery, brownish color, and it’s really pretty. I use this a lot and I really think it blends well with a tease.

YDK: This is probably one of my top favorites in the Naked 2 palette. It is a very shimmery brown color with little tints of gold in it and is overall a very pretty color.

Busted: This color is a very dark brown, and like Snakebite, if applied too much, can become very dramatic and not as natural, which is why I suggest using only a little bit with it. But it’s a perfect outer corner color and really darkens up Naked 2 palette looks.

Blackout: This is a black color, and I do not recommend it if you are looking for a natural Naked 2 smokey eye. However using it as a liner for your upper lash line, and your water line is not bad. It works really well as a liner, but not so much by itself.

I think the quality of the Naked 2 palette is great, and I really do think it is worth $50. It gives beautiful smokey eye color and can also give off very pretty everyday looks. It’s a product of Urban Decay and if you are wondering what is Urban Decay, it’s a high-end makeup line, and their products are gifts from heaven to make up girls.

I could not live without this palette! It totally beats any e.l.f palette, and any Claire’s or drugstore mini palettes. I will try to do more Naked 2 palette tutorials when I find more looks for it, but it is amazing and I highly recommend it!

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