Natural BB Cream for Sensitive Skin

December 30, 2018 | Lotion VS Cream

Natural BB Cream for Sensitive Skin – As you can see now I have no coverage or any foundation on my face now, and some pictures here and there. And yeah, a little a little bit of bums here and there it’s just that skin. So for those of you who might have sensitive skin like me, you will understand my daily struggles with, especially makeup like do I go for the normal Foundation which will give me okay coverage. But it feels very thick and heavy on my skin like my pores cannot breathe like this or should. I just go for like the coverage which you know still have some coverage, but cannot cover all my retinas.

Natural BB Cream for Sensitive Skin

My wig picture then you know blemishes and now so a little bit my spot in between should I prefer this on that today. I’m gonna share with you guys. This new BB cream from Korea just started in use and I thought was really good because right you know Isis because of the sensitive skin sometimes even after I put on foundation and aura. It feels very and I can introduce Linux even with makeup on. But with this curio baby cream right, not drying!

So I’ll type it over in here, I feel like it actually more tired and the most amazing thing is the coverage is very good. I’ll show you guys the difference. Now I’m gonna show you guys the difference and the coverage for the curia baby cream by putting it on only one side of my face.

best natural bb cream look

Okay, so now you can see that they’ve been up close, I’m gonna put on some makeup first before I continue talking to you guys. What I really like about the Curia will be Queen if you serve a light on the skin and it’s very easy to apply like just now. You see I simply apply my finger and it’s very even despite having dry and flaky skin a few that the Curia baby really gives me a very smooth coverage and in some sense. I feel is very moisturizing, because after I apply, I don’t see and he dry up cakey lines on as we human laughs line and my father like. I don’t see any of that.

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So if he’s very moisturizing for my skin as well but those of you who might have sensitive skin like me, the Curia BB cream has all these benefits. That makes it very suitable and gentle for asking. I found the perfect solution as my makeup foundation, and it’s something that will not trigger my sensitive skin. So, if you guys would like to try out the curia BB cream, it’s available in two tones in natural and brightening.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcmBfpyaFLk


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