Natural Makeup For Dark Skin

Dark Skin Makeup The opinion of beauty standards has changed in today’s generation and it has evolved to accommodate all types of complexions and features. The pinkish, peaches or the cream complexion is no longer the criterion for judging beauty of a woman. Women are lucky who have been blessed with a dusky skin tone.

Natural Makeup For Dark Skin


The most important advantage of using facial touch on dusky skin is that it is less prone to blackheads, pimples, black spots and pigmentation compared to a fair complexion, because in fair complexion it’s more prominent. Therefore, it is easy to achieve a healthy glowing complexion for dusky skinned people. Below are the few tips on dusky skin tone facial touch, which will surely help you to enhance your beauty.

Makeup Tips for Dark skin:

A liquid foundation is the best base makeup for dusky skin. But be very careful while choosing your shade for foundation as it should be one shade darker than your original skin tone, as dusky skin usually shines.
Besides, lighter shades foundations are inappropriate as they can make your face look patchy, therefore you will not look photogenic.

As foundation is the base of all makeup, the perfect way to use foundation is to mix the foundation lotion with distilled water and apply the lotion over your face and neck so that it gets absorbed into your skin.

You can now apply face powder over your face to detract from the smooth glow of the foundation
Brown eye shadow with copper tinged mascara looks good on dusky skinned people. You can add a hint of metallic shade at the end of your eyelashes that will give you a glamorous touch.

For lipstick, avoid colors like pink, dark red, mauve, and plum. Also, avoid golden highlights in the center of your lip. Instead of this colors try lighter shades like peach, light brown and coat it with natural gloss.

Eye make up for dark skin:

Natural Makeup For Dark Skin

Dark metallic colors on eyes look great on dark skin tone. Colors like blue or purple as eye shadow also look good. With a small touch of silver eye shadow around your eye will make them look brilliant. Avoid using white or very light-colored eye shadow. Try using only black eyeliner and black mascara.

Highlighter for dark skin:

Highlighters can be very effective especially on dusky skinned people. It should be used around your eyes, above upper lip, on cheekbones as well as on the bridge of the nose.

Lip color for dark skin tone:

Natural Makeup For Dark Skin

Always remember to apply powder or foundation on your lips before applying lipstick. Try and avoid frosted lipstick, instead of that try to apply matte finish lipstick. Dull shades look best on dusky skin tone women. You can also experiment with different colors such as purple, blackberry or even caramel. All this colors will definitely compliment your look.

Blusher for Dark skin:

Burgundy and red are the best colors and look good on dark skin. Always apply the blusher along the line of your cheekbone, however do not apply too much.

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