Natural Skincare Routine For Surfer Girl

Natural Skincare Routine – Nothing makes me happier than playing in a warm clear ocean under the Sun. It’s a full body workout that leaves me relaxed and cheerful throughout the day.

Surfing makes me glow from the inside. Now, it’s time to glow from the outside.


Your skin shows off everything it takes in. So it’s important to soak up only the good stuff.

I love bio clarity products because they’re naturally derived from cruelty-free and non-toxic. I like to think of it as a detoxifying green juice for my face.

Natural Skincare Routine For Surfer Girl

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The first thing I do is apply a thin layer of the pore purifier clarifying mask all over my face. I’ve been using the Bio Clarity Clear Skin line lately to clear breakouts and revitalize Michigan from being out in the Sun and salt water.

All the time using the mask instantly gives my skin a refreshed tightened and toned appearance.

Once, I apply the mask. I let it soak in for about 10 to 15 minutes.

While I’m waiting I like to hydrate with some refreshing cucumber infused water. Or maybe even read a book stretch or meditate the 15 minutes goes by pretty fast.

When my face starts to feel really tight from the dried mask, it’s time to rinse it off. I personally like to rinse my face off with warm water instead of cold water because it makes it feel more like a spa experience

Step number two is to cleanse my face with the wash made from Chamomile Green Tea and Cucumber.

I gently scrub my face in a circular motion until it sets up and then I’ll rinse and pat dry.

The next step is to hydrate using the restore cream. It soothes my skin reduces pore size minimizes redness and evens out my skin tone. So it basically does everything I also love that the face moisturizer is green the color from this product. Actually comes from flora lux which is a nourishing skin food derived from chlorophyll.

Finally, I treat any imperfections aka pimples with this spot treatment. That targets the root cause of breakouts
it’s made of 2% Sylla silic acid and oak kernels which is pretty cool.

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After I go through all of my skin care steps I can finally let my hair down. Shake it out and let it air dry and there. You have it a spa day for your skin every time you go through your routine.

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