Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery: Full Care Services

Nebraska Facial and Oral Surgery is the place you can count on when you need to get an oral or facial surgery. This institution can help you to treat the unwanted situation from tooth extraction to bone augmentation and restoration of the full mouth. They provide IV sedation for their patients thus the operation will not discomfort the patients and in fact, let the patients relax. Nebraska Facial and Oral Surgery’s procedures are using the best technology and the newest way to take care of their patients.

Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery


Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery is situated in two locations in Nebraska. The first one is placed in 2600 S. 56th Street, Suite A, in Lincoln, Nebraska. The other one is located in 4508, 38th Street Ste 210, Columbus, Nebraska. Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery Lincoln NE is the central office of this institution. Founded in 2010, this institution was previously named Rallis Oral and Facial Surgery. This institution has competent experts to do all the operations. All of them already passed the Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) competency, which needed to operate serious oral and facial surgery.

This oral and facial surgery institution in Nebraska has consisted of doctors that have been completed the pieces of training and have a comprehensive understanding of oral and maxillofacial surgical procedure. Those are David Rallis DDS MD, David Cleverly DDS, Kevin Rieck DDS MD, Matt Davis DDS MD, and Jacob Yetzer DDS MD. These doctors will help you find the right diagnoses and the perfect treatment. They are excellent in treating facial injuries, pain in the face area, TMJ disorders, doing the procedure for wisdom teeth removal, facial restoration, dental implant, orthognathic procedure, and bone grafting technique.

With the great team on the hand, Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery serve you with all comfort environment while they treat your oral accurately. Moreover, here are some of the facilities that Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery offers:

  • Tooth Extraction

No more worries about feeling anxious about cannot get rid of severe and long-time decay or fractured and stuffiness tooth because this surgery institution can make those which cannot be treated with ordinary restorative operations vanish. In addition, they even claim they can solve it only in 30 minutes! How impressive!

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  • Restoration of the Whole Mouth

Mouth complex situations such as mouth illness, decay, not symmetrical bite position, and trauma can lead to compromised teeth in the mouth. This institution can help you with all of those even the trickiest one. Furthermore, if you want to improve the way you smile, mouth reconstruction can be a great choice for you. Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery also does the cosmetic procedure.

  • Dental Implants

Losing your tooth due to a ridiculous movement that you did? Well, you can call a taxi and go to this surgery office. Dental implants that used by this institution are the best implants for your perfect big smile. They adopt the benefit of titanium implants that can accurately be integrated with your jaw bone. Those implants also will look just like your original tooth due to their ability to mimic the root habit of a natural tooth. With that being said, you can freely eat whatever you want and not shy to meet your company.

  • Oral Pathology

Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery wants you to live happily and not disturbed by any painful conditions. Hence, this institution offers you early detection of any abnormalities of the mouth, jaw, whole head, and neck. This will prevent you from having a much serious condition in diseases such as higher stadium of cancer.

  • Bone Grafting

Strengthen your jaw bone to stand the dental implant. Some people do not have dense jaw bone and if there comes the time they need a dental implant, they have to do some procedures beforehand. Bone grafting is performed by transplantation from bone tissue to the jaw bone.

  • Third Molars Removal

You thought you have already grown all your teeth but the truth is you will not have the complete set of teeth until you are the 20s. Third molars are indeed the home-breaker one. They knew there is no much space left in our mouth but they still show up anyway. The downsides of having these molars grow are you can suffer from crowding, infection, decay, cysts, and other painful issues. This surgery office located in Nebraska wants to help you avoid those third molars, also notorious as wisdom teeth, negative sides by remove it as soon as it appears.

  • Treatment After Surgery

This institution wants to treat you until full recovery. Thus, they still maintain your condition even after you left the surgery office.

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If you have a bad feeling in your oral or on the face area, if you feel so much pain in those areas, do not google it to find the diagnosis, go to the experts instead! Nebraska Oral and Facial Surgery will always be there when you need a hand.