Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Review – Shocking Before And After

This cosmetics review is about a Neutrogena Hydraboost Water Gel Cream. Now, the reason why I actually bought a Neutrogena Hydraboost Water Gel Cream is that it was on sale and I was running out of my favorite moisturizer which is a Nivea soft moisturizing cream. Now because I was running out of that one. I just grabbed the cheapest one and this one I got for around 40 in Australian dollars which was a good price. But I didn’t actually look at the ingredients which I should have done actually. You will see later on why because I’m going to remove my makeup in the middle of the video. So that you can also form your own opinion about the cream if you should get it or not. But now let’s get started with the packaging for the record.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Review

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I have a drier combination skin which means that around this area I’m pretty dry when it comes to the cheek forehead area, but when it comes to the midsection of my face in the t-zone I’m getting pretty oily. So that’s also one reason why I grab this cream because it’s a water-based cream. So when it comes to the water gel-like name of the packaging then I have to say they pretty much matched it basically with the packaging because it’s in blue it’s the aqua color and it also looks very clean and it also looks good in the bath.

We’re going, to be honest, and when you open up the lid then it also comes with a little protection. So that there’s no air coming into the cream. Just please don’t forget to put on the lid as well and then you just can double secure it. So that it will stay always like fresh in a jar. Now, when it comes to the pros which I wanted to get into first then I have to say that once you have applied it. It’s very refreshing. It feels very soft on your skin and it soaks indirectly and when I come to the texture it’s very silky and it also will give you a silky finish.

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Now just make sure that you’re also giving it time to let itself into the skin which is pretty fast actually. Now, when it comes to the cons I’m going to remove my makeup and then I will be right back. Now, let’s move on to the comments as you can see I removed my makeup and now that you can see my skin and also what it looks like and the reason why I’m sharing this with you guys. It’s because for me personally, it’s very important to let you know that this cream causes me to break out.

Now as I said I have dry combination skin, so I don’t know if the same will happen to you but because I didn’t look up the ingredients when I bought it. I just applied it to my face and normally. I give a cream like a few weeks to like see how it works if it does something good to my skin etc. But this one I got a few days ago and I’ve been trying it for a few days, but now I stopped using it because it causes my skin to break out and it’s not only much in the area. I have it like I had it like around my cheek area, my neck area as well because this is why I’m using the cream as well and my forehead as well.

Now, I’m into that stage where my skin tries to heal itself again and I don’t know if it’s an allergic reaction to an ingredient or if an ingredient causes my skin to clock now when it comes to the breakout. It’s more like inflammation like it’s like red spots, it’s not really like whiteheads which you can squeeze out and then it’s fine. But these are actually like big bumps which for me isn’t a usual like breakout typical thing.

So I would say it’s more like an allergic reaction to an ingredient. That’s inside the cream now what it also doesn’t say on the cream is for which skin type it’s actually like which skin type should use the cream. It just says that it’s oil free which doesn’t necessarily mean. That it’s for oily skin it just doesn’t say if it’s for normal skin, dry skin or oily skin. Which is also a bit confusing and it’s a bit sad that they are not telling you when you should choose it for which skin type you should use it and what I also personally don’t like is the fragrance of the cream and some of you might know. I have no problems when it’s about fragrance.

I have my Nivea cream my body lotion. It’s this all have like a cent and I have no problem with it but this one smells very very chemically and also it smells like I don’t know like fresh toilet cleaner. I can’t describe the smell, it’s just something that I personally wouldn’t apply to my face and also wouldn’t like to smell all the time. I’m not very like special when it comes to smells but this one I really don’t like. So if you have something against fragrance, this one is really strong. So I definitely wouldn’t recommend it to you.

Now what I also would recommend you is that if you one still wanted to try this cream then try a patch test. First, to see if your skin reacts to a certain product or to the cream itself other than that if you have no problem with it. Go for it but for me, it brought me out and I’m not going to use it again. I’m going to stick to my Nivea moisturizing cream. I’m just going to get it again because I’m definitely not a fan of the Neutrogena one.


So that’s what I wanted to share with you guys and I thought I would share it while you still can see what it did to my skin. So if you have the same experience or if you are having very sensitive skin then please try it at first before you are getting a cream for yourself because you’re still going to spend some money on it. I still hope that you have an opinion about the cream and also if you should get it or not patch test is always a good idea. Doesn’t matter for which cosmetics products if you know that you are having an allergic reaction or that it can clog your pores easily. There’s always a good way to find out which product will suit you or which doesn’t. So that you’re not going to spend a lot of money on anything. Thank you so much for reading about Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel Review. I hope this article help you.



Credit and thanks to Melissa Van Dijk (Professional makeup artist)

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