Review: Neutrogena Naturals Multi Vitamin Nourishing Products

Cosmetic Review – Neutrogena is a skin and hair care brand located in Los Angeles. Neutrogena has been founded since 1930 and right now it’s already distributed to 70 countries in the world. Today we are going to talk much about the Neutrogena natural’s ingredients products and the review. Here is the focusing sub-topic that we are going to discuss such as Neutrogena naturals moisturizer, Neutrogena night cream product which is Neutrogena naturals multi-vitamin nourishing night cream, Neutrogena multi-vitamin acne treatment. We also will talk a bit about the Neutrogena naturals review such as Neutrogena natural’s multi vitamin nourishing moisturizer review and Neutrogena naturals brightening daily moisturizer review.

neutrogena naturals multi-vitamin nourishing moisturizer


Before we are going to the main topic, here it is the some words that we will often mention below. The words are nourishing moisturizer. The nourishing moisturizer meaning is the moisturizer that uses good ingredients so that can nourish the skin. The good ingredients if we compared that contain the skincare ingredients. Most of all will be choose the naturals product. For example, the Neutrogena natural’s moisturizer and Neutrogena natural’s multi-vitamin nourishing night cream. To prove it will work not, let see the Neutrogena natural’s multi vitamin nourishing moisturizer review.

Neutrogena have many series of product. One of the series is Neutrogena natural’s that aims to get pure and effective skin care from nature. So, the Neutrogena naturals ingredients use the ingredients from nature such as tara seed to moist the skin, willow back for detoxifying, Inca Inchi oil, yerba mate leaf extract as anti-oxidant and lemon peel for brightening. Here is some of Neutrogena natural products.

√ Night cream

neutrogena night cream

As other do, Neutrogena have night cream use the natural ingredients called Neutrogena natural’s multi-vitamin nourishing night cream. This is one of the best multivitamin faces cream for night because it’s passed the allergy tested and proved non comedogenic. As inside of the natural’s product, this cream contains vitamin B, vitamin V, vitamin E and anti-oxidant omega bio-nutrients. It works to against the dullness and roughness. So after use this product, you will wake up with healthy look for now and continuously. Neutrogena natural’s multi vitamin nourishing moisturizer review for this night cream overall shows 3.6 stars means more than 50% users love it.

√ Daily cream

neutrogena daily cream

Neutrogena also have Neutrogena natural’s moisturizer for daily skin. It calls Neutrogena naturals brightening daily moisturizer. This product has been containing sunscreen protection with SPF 25. Just with 4 weeks the product will toned the discoloration skin. The use of lemon peel works effectively as bio-nutrient for brightening. The product also safe to use because besides its non comedogenic, it also free of sulfates, free of parabens, free of petrolatum and phthalates. Overall, this product will protect from sunburn that will the possibility of skin cancer.

√ Moisturizer

neutrogena naturals multi-vitamin nourishing moisturizer

The Neutrogena moisturizer named Neutrogena naturals multi-vitamin nourishing moisturizer. This moisturizer can be used daily as the moisturizer and also as the base makeup. The product aims to kick out the free radicals in the skin. The Neutrogena natural’s multi-vitamin nourishing moisturizer review has 3.5 stars in their website review. Most of them stated that it works well in their skin. The brand claims will moist the skin all day long. The best part that it has been proven by the dermatologist. To use the product, just put to your face and neck for daily as the moisturizer or make up base.

Besides the natural’s product, Neutrogena also has acne treatment products. The acne treatment product, most are used the natural’s ingredients such as Neutrogena multi-vitamin acne treatment. This will kick out your acne, prevent the acne comes and prevent the blemishes. With the target to get finishing healthy looks, it uses the vitamins a, vitamin e and pro-vitamin b5 as the ingredients. All of the Neutrogena natural’s multi vitamin nourishing moisturizer review gives the star more than 3 which is 3.7 per 5 stars.

After explaining the product, here is the review of Neutrogena naturals moisturizer products. One of the Neutrogena natural’s multi vitamin nourishing moisturizer review from kdub19 “I just bought this product because although I have oily skin my skin was not properly hydrated with the moisturizer I was using. Once I used it, my skin began to sing…lol. It gave me this hydrated, refreshing feeling that I haven’t had an in a long time. Love this moisturizer!!!!”. Night cream product review “ I have used this product for 2 years. I have dry sensitive skin, many things burn my skin. This is the best stuff and I’m not worried about what chemicals may be in it”.

Another review from Neutrogena natural’s moisturizer beautypedia shows 4.5 stars. One pro of Neutrogena naturals multi vitamin nourishing moisturizer review is coming from grace “tried many other creams over many years, even expensive ones like yelp glycan and I have found this one to be just as good and so cheap. What I particularly like about it is, it’s not oily like so many others”. But the cons review coming from Peep that gives two stars “it is far from a great moisturizer. I have trouble skin and it does not provide enough hydration for me. When applied, it seems to sit on the surface of my skin for a long time and it doesn’t help my dry patches. Applying more does not seem to help. I picked this up in a bind, I’ve only had bad experiences with this brand. Not a fan.”

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Well, that is all about the Neutrogena night cream, Neutrogena naturals moisturizer, Neutrogena multi-vitamin acne treatment and Neutrogena daily cream. Also, we provide the Neutrogena naturals multi vitamin nourishing moisturizer review and other shows. So we do conclude that this will be suitable for all skin type because it has been tested and use the natural ingredients. For those who have sensitive skin, don’t be worried. If you still didn’t believe it, just try to contact the Neutrogena team and discuss your skin types.

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