NYX 12 New Bold Colors Review

That’s one of my favorite things to do is hold lipsticks and then give myself a reason to show them all off. I was at Ulta today and I saw the brand new colors of the liquid suede lipstick from NYX. There are 12 new colors and they’re all incredible colors. I feel like the range was just like hey let’s have all of your favorite colors in one range. Let’s just put them all together and there we go!

You need to just buy all of them. Usually, this is the part where I’m like. This is my favorite three but I seriously love all of them obviously. If you are more of a lover of natural kind of lip colors this definitely is not the collection for you. There’s not a single basic color in there at all. I’d have to say that you have to be a little more on the daring side to where most of these colors.


This is I would have to say the best color collection that I’ve ever come across. Usually, there’s always one color that
I’m like man. That’s okay but every single one of them is just freaking amazing.

Starting with the grays. This one right here Brooklyn thawne. The second one in it’s very similar to colored Raine soul so there’s a little swatch of colored raine soul right?!

Next to Brooklyn thorn and then I just wanted to put la splash ghoulish.

Next to it just for comparison ghoulish is a lot lighter. I love this brown color here because it’s just a little more on the yellowish side than most Browns. That I have I would say that it’s not really similar to anything else. That I already have everything. That I have is like more rich and kind of chocolatey.

The main reason why I definitely want to swatch these on my arms is for these four right here they are pretty similar. Just in comparison subversives socialite is definitely a little lighter and more kind of berry.

Then next what we have already put it on which is like I would say deep black and violet and then this one foul mouth is the one that I have on my lips right?

Now, which is a really ashy dock navy color? I would have to say that that one is my favorite in the line because it’s such a unique color. I don’t feel like I have anything like that already in my collection.

Then this one alien is a black it definitely has like I’d say a drop of white in it. So it has more of that milkiness to it rather than being like a super inky black to speak on the actual texture of the lips.

If you haven’t worn this before the liquid Swedes they’re similar to a liquid lipstick but they’re not exactly the same as a liquid lipstick. I say that these ones are more of a foolproof version of liquid lipsticks.

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If you don’t like the dryness of liquid lipsticks then you will absolutely love these ones they’re pretty much foolproof. You have a lot of play time to make your lip line perfect.

When they dry down kind of matte I would say more of like a satiny color. When you put them on that color is going to stay. The same it’s not like they’ll liquid lipsticks, where you put them on and they dry down and get a little bit darker.

These ones just stay the same kind of color as soon as you put them on because they don’t dry down. So that being said they do have like kind of a tacky texture to them but with liquid lipsticks, I would say absolutely you cannot press your lips together like that because that will make them get cracky and Boley.

But with this texture, you can press your lips together. You can reapply them, you can overlap them as well. So that’s why I say that they’re foolproof because liquid lipsticks even though they are bulletproof for longevity.

They can be kind of complicated to wear like you can’t press your lips together. You can’t over apply them, you can’t overlap them, you can’t apply too much with these ones you can kind of just do whatever you want but in that being said they aren’t transferred proof.

So here’s the kiss test I mean that’s not terrible. It’s definitely not transfer proof but you can still see that little bit that comes off. I originally had all of the colors that first came out in this range. So I have had a lot of experience and wearing these. So even though they are more comfortable. They do wear off a lot easier than a traditional liquid lipstick does if I was to eat anything at oily at all 100%.

They’re going to come off the inside of the lip but they’re so easy to reapply it doesn’t really matter. These don’t feather. They don’t Ede they don’t flake, they’re pretty much. The perfect texture if you’re not someone that likes that dry liquid lipstick feels so top-three.

I’ve always got a dual top three even though depending on what mood I am seriously any of these could be in my top three.


I’m going to say downtown beauty foul-mouth and Brooklyn thorn absolute must-haves top three for the collection
but like I said I love all these shades. They’re so good. I’m so happy I bought all of them. They’re going to be well used so I hope this review and swatch answered all of your questions that you possibly have about.

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