NYX Professional Makeup Products

NYX is basically the name taken from the Greek goddess, NYX, who ruled the night. Hence for the ones who are in a wrong assumption of it being a New York based company as the name suggests, I have disclosed it origin. NYX is a makeup brand specially designed for the youthful customers who enjoy a vigorous night life. With the growing competition in all the cosmetic products and their companies, NYX has maintained its focus on creating lively makeup products for fashion freak customers. Let us know more about the NYX professional makeup.

NYX Professional Makeup


About the NYX Products

NYX makeup products come in stylish package with luscious selection of colors and textures. Though they are well known for eye shadows and nail paints, yet they also present a considerable collection of glitter makeup. The company now manufactures enormous collection of products with the same high quality and low cost appeal. With marvelous makeup in signature shades and a whole host of finishes, it gives 100% customer satisfaction.

Product Highlight

NYX Product Highlight

Eyeliner pencils – The eyeliner pencils are extremely creamy with amazing consistency and excellent pigmentation. There are glitter liners too with plenty of colors available.
Lip liners – The lip liners are smooth and creamy, yet are firm enough to create a sharp outline. The color payoff is simply incredible and adaptable.
Eyebrow pencils – The eyebrow pencils are also smooth and do not cause tugging on your eyelids.
Lip Glosses – These are very pretty ones with range of colors and opaque texture. They are creamy, soft, with fragrant gloss which creates a luscious shiny finish.
Eyeshadows – These come in a massively huge variety of colors like rust, ocean, champagne, read bean pie and are highly pigmented and easy to blend.
Besides all the above products, NYX have also introduced a dazzling array of liquid foundations, silky and gleaming powder and absolutely appetizing blush that gives your cheeks an affectionate long lasting glow.

NYX Price Factor

The best part of NYX professional makeup brand is that it is available at much cheaper price. The company’s goal is to facilitate their clients with the best cosmetics obtainable at a reasonable price, giving them the benefit.

Where to Shop

Where to Shop NYX

NYX is comparatively a new company and hence it can be difficult at times to find for its products. However, you would be able to find their products online or at accessory stores like CVS, Duane Reade, Walgreens, Rite Aid, ULTA and Amuse.

NYX professional makeup brand offers their customers with simple cosmetics to enhance a simple beauty. Hence you should try out this brand.

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