Oily Skin Care Routine For Teenage, How to Get Rid?

Oily Skin Care Routine – My oily face skin problem started during my teenage years but never really calmed down, as I got older. I was forever mopping up my face and trying all sorts of oily skin lotion and creams to combat my predicament. During my teens, I certainly had my fair share of acne prone oily skin just like most teenagers do, but when the acne started getting better in my mid-twenties; my oily skin did not!

I carried on through life thinking I would eventually grow out of my oily face skin problem, but before I knew it; I was in my late thirties and still had a head like a grease pot.


Oily Skin Care Routine For Teenage, How to Get Rid?

I felt too embarrassed to consult my doctor or friends about my oily skin problem and at times thought it was going to be with me for life. The worst and most self-conscious times were when I was with friends or on a date. Within an hour or so of being in the company of others, my face would have an oily sheen and if I didn’t do something about it fast, the problem would just get worse. If I was somewhere that was a little too warm the oil would appear much more quickly.

You may have had similar experiences to me and can relate to this in some way.

It took years before I eventually researched my problem to find out exactly why I over-produced oil and what could be done to combat my embarrassing problem. I can deal with the blackheads and enlarged pores, but the greasy, dirty feeling and as if your face couldn’t breathe was the worst part for me. The facial Oily Skin felt like a seal over my face that was ready to explode at times. It would only take a couple of hours for the oil to return after cleansing. It was so frustrating!

I needed to find something that would help my oily skin problem for good!

After researching many oily skin care products, something caught my eye that seemed to work in a totally different way to anything else I had ever seen or tried over the years. This natural product treated the cause of the problem internally by stopping the over-production of oil on the skin. This made a lot of sense to me because it was treating the problem at its source rather than cleaning up after it had happened.

I was very intrigued and excited about this treatment and just had to give it a go. What had I got to loose! If it failed it would be another product crossed off the list, but if it worked and could stop oily skin, then it could possibly mean an end to years of suffering.

Here’s the good bit!

In less than a month my oil production had slowed right down and my pores had reduced in size to give me a much smoother, healthier looking complexion. I was amazed and thankful all at the same time. This treatment really worked and gave me back my confidence when out and about with friends, colleagues and loved ones. No more embarrassing moments and no more mopping up oily skin. What Can I say, give it a go and see for yourself? If it works, great! You’ll be forever thanking me for the advice.

Click on the link or banner below and take a look for yourself, read all the information about the product and if you think it may help, then go for it! Give it a try just like I did. It’s the best thing I ever did to make a real difference to my skin.

Face wash DIY using Honey

Here’s a face wash for your oily mask using honey.
1/4 cup water
1/2 cup honey
10 drops tea tree oil
1 teaspoon jojoba, rose hip, avocado oil

Blend all and keep in a cup jar. Shake well before utilize. To use apply a gold coin size amount all over your own damp face and clean off.

Honey Face Mask for oily skin

Here’s a face mask for your oily skin using honey.
1 teaspoon raw honey
1 teaspoon bentonite clay
Water to make a paste or green tea
2-3 drops rose hip oil

Blend all the above to form the thick paste. Apply on the face and leave it upon for 15 minutes or until it dries. Wash away with warm water.

Toner for oily skin

You can use rose water and green tea for your oily skin as a toner face.

Apple Cider Vinegar Toner

Also, you can use apple cider vinegar as a toner.

Personally, I would not use this one simply because I do not like the odor of vinegar. Combine one part of apple cider white vinegar with 3 parts of drinking water. So for one teaspoon associated with apple cider vinegar, you have to add 3 teaspoons regarding water.

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