What Best Cream Products That Optimal for Oily Skin?

Oily Skin Cream – I just tried it out and I wanted to kind of give a little bit of a comparison review but at the same time a general review on the product because it definitely is one. That I find to be really interesting and I think deserves a video on it just because it’s really unique but at the same time it’s really simple which is something that, I also really enjoy.

Oily skin skincare products

So here is the I’m Vitamin Tree Water Gel. It is from the I’m from Lines. They have the general same I’m from packaging. It’s pretty much like it all looks. The exact is the same only that cosmetics products are different and the name and obviously. So it comes in this box here which also comes with its own spatula. That you can use to apply the product which apparently is not in the box right now.


Oily Skin Cream

I don’t know where it went and then that also comes in eight a stunning a heavy glass jar. Which I also really really I love when my products come in glass jars. It just kind of gives this feeling of luxury to it and high-end like feeling. If you know what I mean, so definitely love. The fact, that it’s in a glass jar, of course, the fact. That it’s in a jar is a little bit on the unhygenic side but that is once again why they always provide a plastic spatula to use to scoop out the product. So that you can avoid the chances of contamination instead of using your fingers to scoop out the product on the note of the product. It is super gel-like texture which I love it’s this interesting like it’s kind of like this consistency of half jello.

Half not jello except minus the chunks. Like it’s this really stunning the thick whipped gel-like texture which I think is absolutely gorgeous when I applied it on my face. I actually was like shocked. I’ve never used a water-based gel product with that texture before that wasn’t like cakey feeling wasn’t heavy feeling but also wasn’t really light and actually felt moisturizing.

I'm Vitamin Tree Water Gel

So if anyone is unfamiliar there’s actually a difference between moisturizing and hydrating and generally products with a gel water-based formula or are hydrating and not moisturizing but this one I actually can say is moisturizing based on my like own experience with the product which was generally really really surprising for me. I always expected it to just be hydrating and then I would have to go in with cream after or something with oil in it to give the moisture and nourishment my skin needs but with this, I actually didn’t feel a need to add oil or cream after which I was actually surprised about. Now, the whole idea what this product is that it has I think what 75 or was it 72.

Let me double check before I say anything 72% vitamin tree leaves in it and essentially vitamin tree leaves are loaded with multiple vitamins in one leaf. So it’s actually more powerful in vitamin C than vitamin C from oranges. So pure citric acid and it’s also really good providing vitamin E and all sorts of things like that in antioxidants. If you’re looking for an antioxidant product that isn’t exfoliating to the skin and then this is something you should check out because with vitamin C it’s citric acid and it kind of explodes the skin. But when you use the vitamin leaf product it actually is really nourishing on the skin instead of exfoliating. So you get all the benefits of high-quality antioxidants and really powerful antioxidants without the exfoliating effect.

So it’s really good for people who have really sensitive skin or really dry skin and want to use antioxidants without that exfoliating effect to keep your skin nice and in a good condition without over-drying it or making it more sensitive from exfoliation. Now, the one thing that really stands out in this product that gives all those antioxidant powers is the ingredient hip buffet Ram noise.

I’m not too sure if I’m ever pronouncing. That right so really tough one to say but it’s a really powerful antioxidant. So if you’re looking for anything that’s an anti-aging but still lightweight on the skin definitely look for things with Hebo favorite hippo faiths round noise. It’s a really really good at you know creating that anti-aging effect without being harsh or heavy on the skin aside from that. It also has a ton of hydrating ingredients like sodium hyaluronic which is like another form of hyaluronic acid which pulls 1,000 times its own weight of water into the skin.

So if you dehydrated skin and what I mean by dehydrated is like fine lines in your skin feels like it’s pulling and stretching then you probably have dehydrated skin and sodium hyaluronic or hyaluronic acid pulls water into the skin like a crazy amount. If you’re like me and your skins dehydrate and flaking and peeling and looking dusty and stuff and kind of stretches after you wash it like at poles then using products like these or like makes a world of a difference like. I actually was impressed that I felt like at night this was the only product I needed to have on my face and that says a lot as I’m someone who always has to layer my skincare. I always feel need to layer my skincare to get the full benefit but with this, I actually went to bed with just this on my face.

The other night because I just felt like I didn’t need anything else. So if you have oily skin if you have dry skin dehydrated skin. I think this is an amazing product to add into your skincare routine because not only are you giving your skin the moisture and hydration most of all the hydration. That your skin needs but you’re also giving antioxidants without that exfoliating effect and as a plus if you’re someone who does have an uneven skin tone.

This also has Nia sin amide in it which is really good for brightening the skin without that harsh heavy exfoliating effect. So it’s really good if you have like uneven skin tone pigmentation. This is not only going to hydrate moisturize and add an antioxidant into the skin with the heapify Ram notes and the vitamin tree leaf extract. It’s also going to brighten your skin and even out that uneven skin tone. Now I don’t currently have much for uneven skin tone. I have a few acne spots which I’m struggling with since I came back to Canada because you know change in environment change in weather as this is my vacation. So I’m just went from like winter weather to summer weather for a little bit.

My skin is kind of freaking out but otherwise, this has been really good for balancing out my skin. While I’ve been here and I don’t have any uneven skin tone other than those few acne marks. I can’t really say the power of evening skin tone since I don’t really need. That right now in my skincare routine. I’m not looking for something that’s going to brighten my skin or even out uneven skin tone but I can say this has my skin perfectly hydrated which is usually hard for me to say. It’s I’m really picky when it comes to stuff that’s gonna hydrate my skin.

Sometimes a lot of stuff doesn’t work or it will work for a long time then stopped working. But this has done really good in the summer weather and my skin just doesn’t feel like it needs anything else like. It feels really hydrated. It feels really good. I’m really happy with it and I did previously review the mask form of this and it did not irritate my skin or break me out and once again this product did not irritate my skin or break me out which says a lot from my skin because it’s usually sensitive with plant-based products or natural products which this is but fortunately for me. I did well with this. I didn’t get any irritation or anything while using it and I’ve been using it for about two weeks. Now, I’m really really happy with that and on that note, I’m from is a natural line.

All the ingredients are right from Korea from a select area in Korea that specializes in the ingredients. That is within each product. So the antrum honey mask specialized in an area in Korea that specializes in naturally extracting honey and naturally like producing honey. This one comes from an area in Korea that naturally produces and farms. The leaves really like well for the environment. I don’t know I’m really bad at explaining like technical stuff like this. I feel like but yeah all the ingredients are natural. No testing on animals and stuff like that. So it’s really really good for the skin however it is not a vegan-friendly. I think there might be a beeswax product or ingredient in here but please do a double check on the Western website they always share the full list of ingredients.

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If you are vegan and looking for vegan skin care you can double-check on that. I think I did see beeswax in here on the ingredients list. So yeah it does just double check in case. I did mess up in me missed that but otherwise, there really isn’t much to say about this product. It’s a really simple clean skin care product. That just does what it says. It’s gonna do it doesn’t go above and beyond and it doesn’t do the minimum. It just does what its gonna do like you read the claims. It says hydrating nourishing antioxidant care and that is exactly what it delivers exactly. What it delivers I’m really happy with this product and with a renewed formula. I did notice it did feel like it absorbed better into the skin that the one thing I did notice. I felt like it just absorbed better in comparison to the older formula. That is it for the review. I don’t really have too much to say about this other than this. I was happy with it and I can definitely recommend it.

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