Olive Skin Tone Chart and Makeup Guide

Are you looking for a perfect makeup shade for your olive skin tone? Our Olive Skin Tone Chart and Makeup Guide will help you find it quickly.

Olive Skin Tone Chart and Makeup Guide


The olive skin tone can be easy to recognize by seeing Olive Skin Tone Chart or the skin complexion. Unlike the other skin tone, they might have brown and green complexion. It ranges widely from the pale to dark olive skin tone chart. People with this skin tone also has slight brown hues in their complexion. So the complexion is a mix of any colors.

People with olive skin tone is quite hard to find right makeup shades because olive is a neutral-toned so that it won’t suit in skin tone chart warm or cool. Most of the makeup shades are made of warm and cool undertones, not the neutral. But don’t worry, you still can find a flattering makeup for your unique complexion. Let’s read our Olive Skin Tone Chart and Makeup Guide below.

Olive Skin Tone Chart and Makeup Guide

Olive Skin Tone Chart and Makeup Guide

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Finding the flattering makeup shades and product for your olive skin tone is not as hard as you think. Here we will help you to find the perfect ones. Let’s read the guide and Olive Skin Tone Chart below.

1.      Olive Skin Tone Test

Skin undertones is a layer beneath your skin surface; it is located under the epidermis. Skin undertones aren’t quickly changed the surface skin, so you need to find makeup product based on it. Let’s answer two question of skin tone test below to know your skin tone.

  • Do you have light skin? Is it has a pink or green glow?

If your light skin has a slightly pink glow, it might be a cool undertone. But if your light skin has green and yellow radiant too your skin may according to olive skin tone.

  • Are you can get both sunburn and tanned easily?

If the answer is yes, that means you have olive skin tone chart. The pale skin tone can easily burn but not get tanned because they have less melanin pigment.

2.      Olive Skin Tone Chart

skin tone chart warm or cool

Are you still confused whether you have an olive, tan, fair skin, or mix of them? If you don’t know which one is yours, you will difficult to find right makeup product, especially a foundation and concealer. You need to do a skin undertones test to choose which one is yours.

The easiest way to find your skin tone is by using Fitzpatrick Scale. According to this scale, an olive skin tone is classified in skin tone chart numbers II. Because they can’t quickly burn and tanned. You also can find your right skin tone by reading our olive skin tone chart below. Let’s learn this to see your accurate skin tones.

3. Make Up Guide for Olive Skintone

dark olive skin tone chart

Your makeup complexion is based on your skin tone. A natural green pigment in olive skin tone can make it harder to find right makeup. Someone who has the skin matches with Olive Skin Tone Chart is lucky because they don’t need a full flawless makeup. A small amount of makeup is enough to cover the flaw and enhance the natural skin radiance. If you have the olive skin tone, you just need to pay attention to several things. Here we have the list of those things:

  • Reduce Use Of Concealer And Foundation

A flawless finish is not a goal of olive skin tone make up. The goal is to make your skin radiance and glowing. You can use low coverage foundation or BB cream, and add some concealer on the place which is needed. Avoid using blue or pink based foundation colors, because it will look pale on you.

  • Use The Right Make Up Shade

We recommend you to avoiding the pale color foundation or concealer. According to olive skin tone chart for the foundation, it will make your skin looks greyish. Choose the golden or honey shade instead. You also need to avoid pastel color blush and shadow.

  • Choose The Right Concealer

Concealer is a must-have item in makeup. Even you don’t have any pigmentation or blemish; you need to cover a dark eye circle. If your skin tone quiz result is in olive skin tones, you better to choose the concealer with yellow or green undertones, it will utterly cover the purple color around your eye.

  • Choose The Warm Blush

For who have skin tone in Olive Skin Tone Chart, the warm color blush will enhance your skin radiance. Most flattering blush color for olive skin tone are; peach, apricot, and coral. For summer makeup, you also can use orange and yellow shades. If you want to wear pink, choose the dusty rose or warm toned rose.

  • Use Vibrant Eyeshadow

Golden and brown eyeshadow is the most flattering and safe color for olive skin tone chart Indian. But if you already bored to use this range colors, you can use the metallic gold for a pop make up. The emerald green, burnt orange, sapphire blue, and another rich color also perfect for you.

  • Use the Right Lipstick

Olive skin tone can match any skin tone chart warm or cool. Lucky for you who have this skin tone, a wide range of lipstick color will suit for you. Toffee, nude, and cinnamon can be used in your daily look. Then the bright shades of oranges and red are right for the party to make up. But please avoid the purple hues.

  • The Highlighter Is A Must

People with the skin tone that matches in Olive Skin Tone Chart already has a natural glow from within, but this doesn’t mean you can skip using a highlighter. To accentuate it, you can use pink gold or peach color. You also can add it on top of cheekbones to replace the blush with a special nice contour effect.

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Okay, that is all about olive skin tone chart and makeup guide. If your skin tone is matched with dark olive skin tone chart, you don’t need to be worried. You don’t need to change the skin tone that you have; you just need to find the right make up to make it more beautiful. Our olive skin tone chart with names and guide will help you though.

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