Perfect Face Makeup Look for your Oriental Coloring, Dark Hair in 6 Steps

This face makeup look is ideal for those with…

Very dark brown to blue-black hair or hair that contains grey flecks.


Hazel or brown eyes.

Face Makeup Look full dramatic natural

A pale to medium skin tone that tans, although it has a tendency to look quite yellow.

Here are some easy steps to get that face makeup look…

Step 1


eye shadow

Sweep some lilac eye shadow over your eyelid after applying foundation, concealer, and powder. This pale color is a better option than using darker eye shadows near the eyes.

Darker eye shadows have a tendency to make them look deep-set, as your eyelids tend to be quite small.

Step 2

eyebrows with a dark brown eye shadow

Lightly fill in your eyebrows with a dark brown eye shadow or eyebrow pencil. This is to provide a strong dimension to your eyes.

This will help balance the eyeliner, which is applied next.

Step 3

blue-black eyeliner

A touch of blue-black eyeliner will emphasize your beautifully shaped eyes. It will also help lessen any droopiness.

Slick it under the lower lashes and into the outer corners of your eyes to create balance.

To decrease the intensity of this look, use a cotton bud to soften the eyeliner slightly.

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Step 4


Place your eyelashes between the pads of your curler, and gently squeeze for a few seconds. Then apply 2 coats of black mascara.

Step 5

warm pink blush

To give a wonderful boost to your complexion and enhance its natural glow, use a warm pink blush. Dust it over the plumpest part of your cheeks.

Step 6

baby pink lip liner

A baby pink lip liner and lipstick will definitely give your lips that beautiful finish. Baby pink is a perfect color for you as it tends to give your lips a cool, soft look.

The cool blue tone to this shade is an excellent alternative for your skin color.

Here’s an eyelash tip…

You can definitely benefit from the use of eyelash curlers, as your eyelashes are usually poker straight.

Once you follow these steps, you’ll definitely know how to really bring out your look.

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