Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong – 3 Undesirable Consequences

There is no denying that several stories of plastic surgery gone wrong can be heard very often. You must have gasped at the pictures of Michael Jackson and Courtney Love after they went under the knife only to move out disappointed at the results. Statistics reveal that almost 51% of the US population is desirous of a plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure. These numbers suggest that plastic surgery is a reasonably popular option among masses for rectifying minor faults in body aesthetics.

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The fact that a lot of plastic surgeries go wrong makes it important that you know about some of the ways in which plastic surgery can go wrong before you decide to visit your surgeon and fix an appointment.

Here are some of the undesirable results which may arise out of a plastic surgery procedure:

1. Plastic surgery has gone wrong: Bad scarring

Big procedures like tummy tuck and breast lifts can leave scars and believe you me, they can be really bad ones. While many believe that leftover scars are a matter of the surgeon’s skill, experts believe that it is also a function of the patient’s genetics. The plastic surgeon can perform the same procedure on two different individuals; one with an impeccable finish and the other with perceptible scars. Dark complexioned and highly pigmented skin places you in the high-risk category when it comes to scars after plastic surgery.

2. Plastic surgery has gone wrong: The dreaded breast gap

One of the front runners in the list of plastic surgery aftermath is the breast gap that Tory Spelling had after the surgery. Her doctor is very often blamed for her drooping and gapped breasts implants. Besides the lack of skill of the doctor, another reason for such a condition can be her wide and depressed breast bone called the sternum. Such a difference in breasts is not noticeable when the person has small breasts however after the surgery when the breasts get enlarged due to implants, the gap becomes more pronounced and apparent. It is not uncommon for women to have irregular breastbones. This is possibly the reason why almost 40% of the women who opt for a breast implant need to go back for another plastic surgery procedure to get them changed.

3. Plastic surgery went wrong: Permanent numbness

Temporary numbness at the site of incision is a common occurrence however, the matter becomes serious when the numbness refuses to go and becomes permanent. Most cases of numbness arise from breast reduction or augmentation surgeries. Loss of sensation in nipples has been seen in most cases of wrong procedures. If the procedure goes horribly wrong, you may even lose the nipple and areola in the bid to reduce breast size.


As with any surgery, there are risks of excessive bleeding after plastic surgery as well. Collection of blood, also known as Hematoma commonly occurs in men because beard follicles have more capillaries which give an increased blood supply in the area. In rare cases, an infection may occur which must be immediately arrested because it can spread to other body parts as well. The list of plastic surgery gone wrong cases are endless, however, to avoid entry into the list, be sure of the pros and cons of the procedure you wish to undergo and choose the surgeon wisely.

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