Plexaderm Eye Cream Reviews: Does It Work To Reduce Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles?

Plexaderm Eye Cream Reviews – But first, I want to show you well, what I look like with my makeup on. In the previous lighting that I used, when I was applying the plexaderm in the next before and after picture. The before picture actually is taken on Sunday. Right, and in the after picture that is taken at 1:00 a.m today. So the point of this is to say that the more you use. The product like I have been saying, the better my eyes get on and in both the before and after pictures. There is no Plex adore my eyes. So, it just shows you how much better my eyes are getting each time. I’m using it just miraculous.

Plexaderm Eye Cream Reviews


Alright, today is April 3rd, it’s my daughter’s 18th birthday. Anyway, I’m gonna now apply the plexaderm to just this eye, and I will not put it on this. I felt like that okay. Tap it in and again I washed the area first, I’m gonna put a little bit more because sometimes I need a little bit more or then okay.

I was going to try and squeeze some more out. I think I’m all out, I’m just gonna put a little of what I have left right here. I mean there’s some still in the tube. But I can’t get it out but continue to watch this. I versus this one and the puffiness. It just gets better and better okay.


I’m moved to my upstairs bathroom hoping Y’all can see the difference between the one with pluck sitter and the one
without. This one has the pluck serum. This one does not and this is normal. My worse eye by now it has been good.


Five minutes since I have put this on, it’s amazing okay. If you get a little white stuff on it, just wipe dab the white off with a little cold water again. Do not use a moisturizer under your eyes after you use the plexaderm. I love to use a concealer over yellow concealer powder by Bobbi Brown or use dermablend. It’s awesome! It couples well with the plexaderm without breaking it down.