Tries Plexaderm Eye Cream To Instantly Reduce Dark Circles, Under Eye Bags & Fine Lines

I am coming to tell you all about the best product ever. This awesome product if you as we all know. I’m all about cupping and blasting right and I’ve talked with y’all before about cupping for under-eye puffiness. And you know it is great it is a great thing to do. But I am sorry when I come across a product that I absolutely love. I have to share it with you all so here is this new product called Plexaderm Eye Cream.

It is amazing! I have seen this on TV on our actual good morning Texas. Many many times I saw it this past summer. They were always doing these showing before and after tzers. There’s this guy that face show with the puffy eyes and they literally show. His eyes what they look like before and then they put the product on him and they show a time lapse of a total.


I believe of three minutes or something of what his eyes look at look like after I believe it’s three minutes of putting this product on how they literally deep up. I still didn’t believe it did so more and more as I’ve been staying up late trying to get videos done.  I’ve gotten and because of the holidays everything I just have had a lack of sleep eating bad, drinking not so many, good things having a lot of salt whatever. So, I’ve gotten more puffiness under my eyes and just looking at my nails they look awful.

Plexaderm Eye Cream

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to get my nails done and my to toes and I’m sick. But we’re gonna stick to the subject. So I saw this right before Christmas again on TV and I was like you know what I am going to order this.

I’m gonna tell my husband ache he can just wrap it up and put it under the tree in it will be a Christmas gift and if I do not like it. Then I’ll just do a video about it so what do I have to lose and if I like it then I have to share this with my channel is about cellulite and all I can say is Plex Edurne.  I hope you come out with a product like this for ellulite because it’s amazing. So okay I’ve spent enough time yakking my mouth off I’m gonna put this on and show you all

First I forgot you have to wash your face so let me wash my face really fast. It needs to be clean and dry so let me do that okay so washing my face can Y’all hear little water with the little cleanser and I hope y’all can really see how bad my bags are especially. Since I have this bad cold okay, so my face is clean and dry shake it up a little bit.

I have some bad vision I think I had to own that unlocked thing let’s see here okay just a small amount and I gotta get him here. So oh my fingers look awful. I hope that y’all can see this on camera. I really do they say a small amount but sometimes I go a little overboard and then whoa darn it. I got to look out and this stuff is like gold it’s expensive.

Eyecream best Plexaderm Review

So a little more garnet now this is for the under eye bags but they also say it is for the lines around her face. So I have started. I don’t have a lot of lines but on my forehead. But, so I have noticed a huge difference and how this helps and then I’ve heard it right here.  Oh my god, my face looks so horrible that’s from a pimple but I felt it was very important to do this without making it okay and now I have to remove remain expressionless. Okay, not supposed to be talking.

I’m hoping you can see in the bright sunlight my eyes. So what I want to show y’all is that here is one of the things about the Plexaderm Cream that is a con. I think I mean there’s pros and cons this is what I thought I didn’t like about it. But actually, I loved it. Now I don’t know if you can see but Italy if you put too much on then you can get too much white under the eyes. And it even tells you that if this happens then you can just wipe it off with a damp rag now.

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I used to think this was not a good thing and I am more dark complected. So I have more of an issue with this.  But I will tell you as the time as time has gone on I have less and less of an issue with the to light around the eyes. I don’t know why it’s like the more you use this. The better it gets and I did put way too much on this time because sorry about the junk on my husband’s counter.  But so I don’t know if y’all can see that but here’s the thing I like this about this product. Because it acts as a as a concealer.

Once I put my makeup on so I at first I was like I don’t know in if and I would try and wipe it off. But then I was  orried that I was wiping off too much and I didn’t want to reduce the effectiveness of the product although they say you know just wipe off the little white stuff. If you get too much on with a damp rag I now do not care. I just put my concealer powder on after I’m done under my eyes and I love it and it lasts all day. But, I wanted to make sure that I told you. Told you all this so okay all right in the next before and after picture the before picture actually is taken on Sunday

So the point of this is to say that the more you use the product like I’ve been saying the better my eyes get oh and in both the before and after pictures there is no plus the Durham on my eyes.  So it just shows you how much better my eyes are getting each time. I’m using it just miraculous okay everyone here. I am on my most favorite natural lighting but first I want to show you well what I look like with my makeup on in the previous lighting that I used.

When I was applying the plastic a here’s a close-up of me and my fun lighting in my good lighting and the natural light and I have obviously. This product is totally worth it to me no matter what. Let me tell you first this product is a customer is a little drawing. I don’t know if already mentioned that earlier when I first started using it but it it’s also less is more.  So if you use too much it’s going to be a little drawing or too drying at first I wasn’t even sure if I could handle it because it I felt that even though the puffiness was gone.

I felt like my fine lines and wrinkles were more pronounced. So you definitely have to work with getting wet not using too much product.  But the whole thing is the more I have uses the less drying it has become it’s like. I don’t know if my skin is getting used to it. They do say that the more you use it the better your skin looks and it does. I am even already happier with how I looked without makeup on it. I forgot to tell you that this also is to help not just the puffiness and fine lines on your face and around your eyes.

But for the dark circles which is I have struggled with a lot because of lack of sleep and all that when you use this product. They say not to use any type of oil-based makeup.  So for those ladies who do that could be an issue for you. I loved my concealer that, but I believe it is oil-based anyway. I loved my concealer I was addicted to it but the good thing is I don’t have to use it anymore. I now I just use it around my face until it’s all gone I will not need to buy this thing.  My concealer that I used to use for under my eyes anymore because it is I believe it has oil in it.  So then the other worry I was like what do I put under my eyes okay. Because I have to put something under my eyes I have just started using my concealer powder it is a concealer powder and its got like a yellow tone.

That’s all I have to use. Now, I do apply probably more than I need to.  But that’s what I do and then my makeup is a mineral powder foundation. It’s a Mary Kay mineral powder foundation and eight that’s what I use. But for those ladies who if you’re going to apply it all over your face like I do the Plexaderm Cream that is something to consider it you really have you use the liquid foundation. It has yet to make sure that there’s not oil in it.  Because it will reduce the effectiveness the effectiveness of the Plexaderm Cream least that’s what they said okay.

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Let’s talk about the good stuff this glass.  It lasts all day Eva and I have a cold. I think I mentioned that earlier I have a cold.  So my eyes are probably puffier than they’ve ever been it really lasts the entire day I wake up the next morning because and it seems like the more I use it the better.  It gets each morning.  My eyes a little better each time. So I  love it! I will put the links to this I actually. I only have one link that I found that where you can get it on Amazon.