Great Eye For Eye Makeup – Practical Smoky Eye Makeup

Your eyes, your face is greater than a variety of Eye makeup techniques with little more to show you, it is possible to. Your eyes are the size of complaining if you’re not going to do your makeup look more beautiful, you can catch. Great eye to have a disadvantage, not an advantageous condition Cilt.net we provide Great eye makeup for suggestions you should try.

Great Eye Makeup For Suggestions

Natural Eye Makeup tutorial for Brown eyes and blue eyes


Into your eyes with black or brown eyeliner, pulling your eyes smaller.

Eyeshadow colors in the light direction. Light-colored headlights of your eyes will look bigger. Dark colors your eyes smaller. Navy blue and shades of grey big eyes eyeshadow colors that are appropriate for your one.

When applying Eyeliner thick lines. Big eyes, thin eyeliner drawn in a more aesthetic appearance while adding them look bigger.

Women with big eyes when applying mascara to the outside is applied correctly. Your eyes slant of this application is to show the big-eyed lady of the more pleasant. If you have small eyes from this application.

Nov bone, making the light will reveal the beauty of your eyes. Off-white tones in the headlamps nov bone and light up your look thinner.

Your eye makeup to your eyelashes and eyebrows made more beautiful with the applications you can show.
Your lashes before applying mascara eyelash curling tool with curl. The muscles in your eyes to be compatible to stay plump. The muscles in your space, the region of the appropriate color, fill in with a pen.

Matte lipstick is more suitable for large eyes. Shimmer lipstick and the shine liquid lipstick. Matt brown, burgundy and peach tones, great eye makeup is an integral part.

Practical Smoky Eye Makeup

Smoky Eye Makeup dramatic step by step tutorial

Smoky eyes have you ever seen the trend? Impressive and mysterious look with the take care of is actually not difficult at all.

Practical smoky eye makeup how to?

Eye make-up to do before I start

my preparations, as usual. Practical smoky eye makeup, there are two things we need; black or brown eyeliner and mascara. First, as a thick eyeliner in our eyes. Perfect, because there’s no need to pen mixer with the help of a brush, we’re gonna fuck. Yes, we got your eyeliner it’s time to deploy. Smoky eye makeup now, the trick is to deploy. From dark to light your transition is very important. Upwards, carefully handing out. Now we come to another stage, under our eyes, and we’re on the black eyeliner. Black eye pencil again after deploying from right to left. Eyes to make it more impressive black eye pencil into our eyes is also in progress. The top and bottom, a black pen. Small-eyed people in the eye, a black pen, not because the eyes should be small. Eyelash curler with we did our eyelashes rimelleyel. The top and bottom lash the first floor after waiting for 1 min, and we apply the second coat, this fuller. And here’s the result: your practical smoky eye makeup’ Dozens of makeup between choking and no, I didn’t need to. Smoky eyes; the impressive and mysterious’

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