Pretty and Beautiful Eye Makeup Ideas

One of the vital parts of your makeup process is your eye makeup, as people will first notice your beautiful eyes. If you are attending a party or a special event, you need to know the art of applying eye makeup. Here are some pretty eye makeup ideas, which you can use to enhance the beauty of your eyes.

Pretty and Beautiful Eye Makeup Ideas


Below are the few beautiful and pretty eye makeup Ideas:

Choosing the right eye shadow:

Selecting the correct eye shadow can occasionally be a matter of taste. Eye shadows come in cream and powder forms. Powder goes well with people who have oily skin. Cream eye shadow is perfect for younger skin as it will cover up wrinkles and get dissolved in oily skin. If you have rough skin texture an eye makeup concealer must be used before you apply eye shadow. The perfect eye makeup concealer is one that creates your skin tone.

Choosing the right color eye shadow:

Beautiful Makeup Ideas for Eye Getting the color of your eye shadow correct is the ideal way to get striking eye makeup color. Browns are usually used for afternoon as these are natural colors. For evening wear and social events you can select an eye shade to go with the clothes you are wearing. When selecting make up for your eye color, you should never select the color similar to your eyes as this will not draw notice to your eyes and will have the reverse effect.

Eyeliner application:

Eyeliner application

Your eyeliner will help to emphasize your eye shadow so it is very important that you get this correct. Eye pencil is the most usually used, although it does not last as longer as the liquid eyeliner. For a beautiful and younger looking eye makeup style you could go for brown color eyeliner other than the traditional black. Your eyeliner should go the entire way along with your eyes but should not go beyond them.


The final step in making beautiful eye makeup color is your mascara. This can make your eyes actually look stunning and can make an illusion of dark and long eyelashes. Mascara comes in many different types of colors with the most universal being black. As with eyeliner, if you desire to get a softer and natural look, you should go for brown colored mascara.

Applying makeup to your eyes is the most difficult thing. You should learn the tricks of applying makeup. Above mentioned information and tips on Beautiful eye makeup will surely help you to get a striking eye.

Pretty, beautiful and polished eyes look:

Use shades like peach, cream or cream in your eye makeup. Use an eye shadow brush to apply eye shadow to your eyelids. Apply soft black eyeliner only on your top eyelid and apply two coats of black mascara. If you want to add fun element to your eye makeup, apply a soft shimmery eye shadow and blend it well to create a romantic look.

Soft smoky eyes:

Soft smoky eyes

Smoky eye makeup gives you the classic sexy eye look. This makeup is defined by blending or smudging of eye shadow and eyeliner on the top and bottom eyelid. The traditional smoky eye makeup is characterized by use of dark or black eye shadow. You can create a soft prettier version of the look by using grey, brown or purple makeup instead. Use less amount of product on your lower eyelid to create a softer, cleaner version of the look, which would be more appropriate for everyday wear.

Accent your eyes:

Mostly pretty eye makeup is not too dark, but you can use medium to dark eye shadow to create an accent. Use an eye shadow brush to apply eye shadow to the crease of your eye and blend it outwards. Make sure you blend it slightly upwards and outwards to draw attention to your eyes. Apply a tiny bit of eye shadow on your lower eyelid to create a small V-shape that frames your eyes.

Highlighting your eyes:

Eye makeup done using neutral shades is always pretty, but highlighting certain eye areas can really add to the look. Use a cream or nude color eye shadow to highlight the inner corner of your eye and your brow bone.

Colorful eye shadow:

If you don’t want to use a neutral eye shadow, then use colored eye shadow such as turquoise, blue, or purple to create a cute and cheerful look. To keep the look pretty rather than dramatic, use a color that is bright in tone than dark.

Pretty eyeliner:

Eyeliner helps to define your eyes and enhance their beauty. For a pretty eyeliner look, use a kohl pencil to line your upper eyelid using short, small strokes and blend the line together. If you want, then you may also line your lower eyelid and blend well for a soft look. Make sure you don’t line more than three fourth of your lower eyelid.

Bare eye look:

Apply an eye shadow that is a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone and apply it on your upper eyelid. Apply a very thin line of golden-brown or light brown eye shadow under your lower eyelid. Complete the look with clear or brown mascara.

Get a pretty eye makeup by following simple makeup ideas and sport this look while going to work, college or school. Add a dash of color and glitter to your pretty eye makeup and you are ready to go out for a night party.

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