Professional Eye Makeup, Eye Makeup Professional

Professional makeup artist apply stunning eye makeup on models and celebrities that, for most of us, seem completely out of reach. Knowing the right tools and techniques to use, you can get the perfect professional eye makeup.

Professional Eye Makeup


Tools essential for professional eye makeup:

Makeup artist use quality tools that are specifically designed for a particular task to achieve detailed precision.

  • Eye makeup brushes should be firm, soft haired with a long handle
  • Round head, medium flat eye shadow brush is great for blending and shading the area from upper eyelash to the brow bone
  • Flat small, square brush for applying eye shadow into eyelash line and setting pencil eyeliner
  • Medium tapered round brush for contour blending
  • For wet or dry eye shadow lining, you need a small flat angled head brush
  • An eyelash curler for creating fresh, fuller, longer looking eyelashes

Professional makeup artist follow a specific process when they apply makeup and use quality products that they rely upon for beautiful long-lasting results.

Before you apply eye shadow you must begin with:

  • A clean face with a proper skin care regime completed
  • Entire face including eyes are primed using primer
  • Foundation or concealer matching the skin tone is applied in small amount using a sponge or foundation brush and blended well to get a smooth finish
  • Loose translucent powder is applied all over your face using a large powder brush with heavier placement near eye area
  • A tissue is placed under the eye area, to catch residual eye shadow or pigment dust. This helps in getting a precise and clean result.

Eye shadow:

Eye shadow

Most of the eye shadow application techniques begin with the base eye shadow shade; usually the lightest shade is brushed over the upper eyelid line to brow bone. To contour the eye, a slightly deeper shade is applied to the crease. The current eye shadow technique is applying multiple shades of shadow under the lower eyelashes. Applying a soft medium shade under the eyelashes, with a darker eye shadow shade precisely and finely lining the eyelash line, creates a dimensional and defined look. Apply shimmer and highlighter along the brow bone.


Liquid or pencil eyeliner is applied along the eyelash line. Various looks can be created with the help of eyeliner. Eyeliner can be used to line both the eyelids to define the eyes or a thick line can be drawn on the upper eyelid or white eye pencil can be used on the inner rim of eye to make them look bigger or a cat eye look can be created using liquid eyeliner.

Eyelash curler:

It helps to open the eye area and makes the eyelash look longer.



Mascara is applied by placing the wand at the base of eye lashes and moving it up along the eyelashes through the very tips.


Eyebrows need to be shaped, groomed and touched up to enhance the eye makeup.

Eye area clean up:

A brush and Q-tip is used to remove the excess eye shadow dust, spots and powder.

To apply professional eye makeup and get the perfect look, use quality eye makeup and tools, use proper techniques. Try various eye makeup looks and practice until you get the desired effect.

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