The Professional Makeup Look For Your Olive Skin in 6 Steps

This professional makeup will work best if…

The Professional Makeup Look For Your Olive Skin, Dark Hair in 6 Steps, Professional makeup looks for work


You have dark brown to black hair.

Your eyes are brown, hazel or green.

Your olive skin tans beautifully, or you have Asian or Indian coloring.

Here are the 6 steps for achieving that professional makeup look…

Step 1

Even out minor skin blemishes with a tinted moisturizer. This should be done while blending it in smoothly with fingertips.

Opt for a liquid or cream foundation if you need more coverage. Now apply concealer and a light dusting of face powder.

Step 2

Sweep a golden shadow across your entire eyelid. After doing that apply a darker bronze shade into the crease.

Then apply some carefully under the lower lashes. This is to give your eyes that exquisite look.

Step 3

Take a warm brown eyeliner and work it along your upper and lower lashes. This is to give a strong look that you can carry off beautifully.
If you find the effect too harsh, smudge with a clean cotton bud. Then, apply 2 coats of black mascara.

Step 4

To add a sun kissed warmth to your cheeks use a peach-brown powder blush. Apply just a little at a time, to gradually increase the effect as you go.


Step 5

Outline your lips with an orange-brown lip pencil. Start at the Cupid’s bow on the upper lip, and move in an outward direction.
Then complete the other side, and finish with the lower lip.

Step 6

To complete the look fill in with a sunny orange shade of lipstick. If you prefer a glamorous, glossy finish, don’t blot your lips with a tissue.
You can even add a hint of lip balm for extra shine if you wish. However, if you prefer a less shiny look, blot after 1 coat with a tissue.

Then re-apply your lipstick for a longer-lasting finish.


The Professional Makeup Look For Your Olive Skin, Dark Hair in 6 Steps, Professional makeup looks for work

Here’s a lipstick tip…

To create a perfect lip line, stretch your mouth into an “O” shape and then fill in the corners with your lip pencil.

Shimmery soft orange lipstick and rich golds and browns complement your warm skin tones. These colors will definitely enhance your features.

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