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6 Simple Makeup Steps To Create an Ageless Beauty Effect

6 Simple Makeup Steps To Create an Ageless Beauty Effect Achieve this Ageless Beauty effect using this step by step guide…   Step 1 Use a damp sponge to apply your foundation. Make sure that you blend it in properly to avoid tell-tale tidemarks. Apply concealer at this stage by dotting it on to under-eye

The Professional Makeup Look For Your Olive Skin in 6 Steps

This professional makeup will work best if… You have dark brown to black hair. Your eyes are brown, hazel or green. Your olive skin tans beautifully, or you have Asian or Indian coloring. Here are the 6 steps for achieving that professional makeup look… Step 1 Even out minor skin blemishes with a tinted moisturizer.

Here’s Some Quick Makeup Styling Techniques for an Elegant Evening

Quick Makeup Styling Techniques – These quick makeup styling techniques are perfect for those who want to look beautiful in just 5 minutes. It’s a type of style that does not require much effort. Here’s how to achieve this quick makeup look in just 5 minutes… Step 1 All-in-one foundation/powder formulations are the ideal choice. They