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A Fashion Makeup Look For a City Chic

Here’s a fashion makeup look for you. This is the ideal outdoor thing for the city, which makes you look highly sophisticated. Here is the step by step guide towards bringing out this stylish look… Step 1 Apply a light foundation and dust your skin with powder to blot out a shiny appearance. After doing

A Country Girl Makeup Look For You in 6 Steps

This country girl makeup look is simple, yet cute and is perfect for outdoor occasions. It’s equivalent to a girl next door look and the steps are quite easy to follow.   So let’s begin with these simple steps towards creating this look… Step 1 Avoid heavy foundations when you’re outside, the perfect solution is

A Gorgeous Makeup Glamour Girl Look For You

This sexy glamour look is perfect for a formal event. The good thing about this look is that it’s sexy, but classy at the same time. Here are the 6 simple steps for this glamour look… Step 1 First, we’ll focus on the eyes since this is a sophisticated look. Apply foundation, concealer, and powder

Best Makeup Information For Individuals With Cool Skin And Red Hair

This is the best makeup look for those of us with? Strawberry blonde or pale red hair. These rules apply even if the color has faded. Blue, grey, hazel or green eyes. Pale skin, ranging from ivory to a pink-toned complexion. Let’s begin with these application steps? Step 1 Apply foundation and concealer, then dot