Here’s Some Quick Makeup Styling Techniques for an Elegant Evening

Quick Makeup Styling Techniques – These quick makeup styling techniques are perfect for those who want to look beautiful in just 5 minutes. It’s a type of style that does not require much effort.

Here’s how to achieve this quick makeup look in just 5 minutes…


Quick makeup looks tips and tricks Styling Techniques for an Elegant Evening

Step 1

All-in-one foundation/powder formulations are the ideal choice. They will give your skin the medium coverage it needs for this look quicker than the usual time.

Also, apply it over your lips and eyelids as this makes the rest of your makeup easy to apply. This will ensure that your makeup will last whole evening.

Step 2

Since you have 4 minutes to look, here’s the next thing. Apply the cream eye shadow directly from the stick as it is quick and very easy to use.

Choose a brown shade because it’ll enhance the color of your own eyes and give them an attractive, striking finish. Slick it out your entire eyelid, right up towards the crease of the eye outlet.

Step 3

With 3 and half minutes to go, blend in your eye shadow. Then brush over the top with a layer of translucent loose powder.
This is to help tone down the color and blend away any harsh edges.


Step 4

Two and a half minutes to go. Apply a coat of mascara to your upper and lower lashes. Coat the lower lashes with the tip of the mascara wand.
This will prevent it from clogging on the hairs. You also wouldn’t have to spend time using an eyelash comb.

Step 5

One and a half minutes to go. To give your skin a fabulous glow, use a warm berry red blush. Apply with the use of a blusher brush.

Sweep it from your cheeks up towards your eyes to give your face that instant lift.

Step 6

Now, we have 30 seconds to go. To add an instant bold color to your lips, choose a berry shade of lip gloss.

Sweep it straight on with a sponge-tipped applicator and cover your lower lip first. Then press your lips together to transfer some of the color on to your upper lip.

You can touch up any missed areas with the applicator and you’re ready to go.

When you don’t have much time to experiment, but want to look presentable fast, this is a look worth trying. So why not try these short simple steps for a sophisticated evening.

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