Five Reasons Minoxidil Increased Hair Loss Occurs

Though Minoxidil increased hair loss does occur, often there is an easy explanation for why hair loss increases while using Minoxidil. Some explanations are as simple as using the product improperly. In order to determine why you may be suffering from increased hair loss while on Minoxidil, you need to explore some of the common reasons other patients report hair loss.

Five Reasons Minoxidil Increased Hair Loss Occurs

Minoxidil Increased Hair Loss Occurs


1. Improper Dosing

Using the proper dosage is very important with any hair loss medication. Minoxidil increase hair loss typically occurs when too little or even too much product is used. Adults over the age of 18, but younger than 65 should be using one millimeter of solution twice per day – this solution should be massaged into the scalp.

When using the Minoxidil hair spray, read the directions carefully for proper dosing instructions. The spray should be applied evenly to the afflicted area. Never apply less or more than directed.

2. Improper Usage

Minoxidil increased hair loss also occurs when the product is used improperly. Each Minoxidil product comes with explicit instructions on how to apply the product and the insert provides additional information on what not to do to ensure the product is absorbed properly. Before applying Minoxidil, make sure your hair is completely dry. Your hair should be clean and any styling products should be cleansed away before applying Minoxidil – this is because styling products leave a protective barrier which will prevent the medication from absorbing properly.

Apply the correct amount directly to your scalp and massage it in gently. Leave the product in your hair and do not shampoo or rinse for at least four hours after application. Wash your hands immediately after applying and never use a hairdryer to help dry the solution onto the scalp – this can lead to over-absorption, which in turn will lead to Minoxidil increased hair loss. The product should be allowed to air dry for two to four hours, especially if you intend on going to bed.

3. Combining Skin Care Products with Minoxidil

Minoxidil requires a clean, fresh scalp in order for the medication to absorb properly. If the medication does not absorb, you will notice an increased hair loss, which has nothing to do with the overall success of the product. Therefore, before applying any Minoxidil, wash your scalp and try your hair thoroughly. There should not be any styling products or residue of any products on your scalp before applying the medication. Furthermore, Minoxidil should never be combined with other hair loss treatments. This can create an adverse reaction which is a common cause for Minoxidil increased hair loss.

4. Receding Hair Line or Other Untreatable Cause

Minoxidil was not created for a gradually receding hairline. Instead, it was created to help baldness that is occurring, but not receding. Therefore, if you are using Minoxidil to treat a receding hairline, your results will be less than favorable. Ensure that you are not suffering from a receding hairline or another cause of hair loss that is not treatable by Minoxidil. Certain medical conditions or medications can also cause hair loss, which Minoxidil cannot treat.

5. Frequently Missed Doses

Minoxidil relies on daily, accurate doses. If at any time you skip a dose it is important to wait until your next scheduled dose, but do not skip more than two in a row. The more doses you skip, the more likely Minoxidil increase hair loss is to occur. On the other side, if you double up on a dose you can have over-absorption, which also leads to heavier hair loss.

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