Makeup Tools -Retractable Makeup Brushes

Carrying a few makeup essentials and tools in your purse is necessary for a quick touch or to create a new look. While carrying makeup brushes in your purse or makeup bag, there are chances that the brush hair may get destroyed or the brush may leave some makeup residue in your purse. Retractable makeup brushes with a cap are perfect for on-the-go makeup application.

Retractable Makeup Brushes




Makeup brushes are expensive and need regular cleaning, maintenance to make them long lasting. The makeup brush bristles are delicate and sometimes can get destroyed if not carried in a compact makeup case. In retractable makeup brushes the bristles remain safe as the bristles can be covered up when not in use. The retractable makeup brushes have a hollow handle which can be expanded to cover up the bristles. Some makeup brushes come with a cap that can safely seal the makeup brush bristles.

Various retractable makeup brushes are as follows:

Retractable blusher brush: This retractable makeup brush can be used to apply blush or bronzer to the apples of your cheeks. It can be easily carried in your purse for a quick touch up. It has soft, silky bristles that smoothly glide blush or bronzer over your delicate facial skin.

Retractable Makeup Brushes

Retractable foundation brush: This brush can be used to apply powder, cream or liquid foundation. It helps in providing complete coverage and blends the foundation with your skin so that you get a natural looking flawless skin. It can be retracted in its small case and carried in your makeup bag.

Retractable kabuki brush: These brushes are made with high quality bristles, which are perfect brush for blending, buffing and for controlled application of face powder. You can retract this brush when not in use and protect its bristles from damage.

Retractable brow cum mascara brush: Applying a coat of your favorite mascara on-the-go is essential for an unplanned party but carry makeup brushes can be messy as these makeup brushes are very small and their bristles can easily get damaged. A retractable brow brush helps you to shape, fill and modify your brows on the go. It can also be used to apply mascara.

Retractable brow cum mascara brush

Retractable lip brush: Even if you just apply eyeliner and lip-gloss to create a subtle look, you need a lipstick brush to perfectly shape you lips and define them. The narrow lipstick makeup brush bristles can be protected under the retractable cover. This makeup brush can help you apply lip makeup flawlessly on-the-go.

Retractable eyeliner brush: This makeup brush can be used to line your eyes and define them. Its retractable handle helps in protecting the delicate pointed bristles.

Retractable mineral brush: Mineral powder or mineral powder foundation needs a different makeup brush than the one used to apply cosmetic powder or foundation. If you love to apply mineral makeup then a retractable makeup brush is a must for you to apply mineral makeup on-the-go.

Retractable makeup brushes have a retractable handle that can cover its bristles and protect them. Thus your makeup brush becomes durable and long lasting. You can carry these makeup brushes in your bag for a quick touch up or to create a new look.

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