Get 4 Different Types of Coverage Using Senegence Anti Aging Foundation

Senegence Anti Aging Foundation – Hi guys, today I’m going to talk about how you can get four different types of coverage using Senegence anti-aging foundation. Okay, so we all wear foundation and you don’t always want the same coverage. So I’m going to show you how you can use the color corrective tinted moisturizer and the normal foundation along with the loose powder to get four different types of coverage and every day is different.

Somedays you want light coverage if you’re going to the gym and some nights. You want full coverage if you’re going to an event, so the color corrective tinted moisturizer is our lightest coverage and that comes in medium and light and this is medium unless. You’re very fair-skinned you’ll probably go with a medium. That’s just a rule of thumb and all of our foundations have this air pump. So you get every last drop of it out. It’s not like you’re going to have to scrape the bottom of it or anything and okay so this is what I would use all over to get a light coverage.


senegence anti aging foundation

You’re going to see freckles. Through it things like that but it’s great and of course it has our centerplex in it which is self renewal system. So for the second coverage then to talk about is combining these two this is foundation comes in a bunch of colors. I’m going to wear than right now with our tinted moisturizer. So this is what I wear every day, you guys I usually work out. I usually go into the store run errands. This is just and I feel like a rule of thumb. It’s great for every day and that’s what I’m going to show you today and but let me tell you about the other two way as you can do foundation.

The third way is just using our foundation on its own obviously. It’s going to have good coverage. Now, sometimes when you want a thicker coverage, that’s when we go to number four and for that what you’re going to do is this is our loose powder in natural. If you’re going to unscrew the top of this, but you didn’t know that happens and what you’re going to do is you’re going to do a pump of the foundation and you can even just pump it on the top of a lid like this and then you’re going to dab some powder onto the lid and what this is going to do. It’s going to thicken up the foundation and therefore it’s going to give you more coverage. So you can just use the back of a brush kind of mix it in and then however you want to apply it with a Beauty Blender.

Might be best for fix-it coverage so that is how you do that just stick it up your foundation that’s going to give you more coverage. All right back to showing you my favorite one which is what I wear every day, so I’m going to do my color corrective tinted moisturizer.

I do a little more than a half a pump and I’m going to do my color of foundation. By the way ,we do have foundations in normal and anti-aging. Just so you know and anyone over 30 probably wants to use anti-aging. Just as a rule of thumb and I’m just going to do. It’s kind of what I do then I rub it all in. I like using my fingers because in the morning I have like 3.5 seconds to get ready because Blake ones usually crawling up my legs. The kids are screaming, they don’t wanna brush their teeth and we had about five minutes to get out the door. So this is the easiest way for me and just rub it all in and you notice.

I did rub the two colors in on my fingers before I apply it to my face make sure you get down on your neck. Just make sure it’s all when do then this one’s my favorite.

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So that is my base that I wear and then I do bronzing and everything else but I just wanted to show you those four different ways in case you want different coverage but you don’t want to necessarily buy four different products.

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