Get Amazing Natural Coverage With Senegence Anti Aging Foundation!

April 10, 2019 | Anti Aging Treatment

Senegence Distributor – We have the most amazing foundations. We have tinted moisturizer and our pure foundation and then our make sense foundation which is our extra anti-aging foundation. But I know as a makeup artist or even just as a woman. It is so hard to find a foundation that you truly fall in love with that. Looks natural but gives you the coverage you want and I can truly say I’m so happy to put my stamp of approval on these products and these in this particular foundation.

So the first thing I want to tell you about is our color correcting tinted moisturizer. This comes in light or medium. This is actually the medium and I can wear that because our foundations which are so amazing. They match three shades up and three shades down. So you really can’t lose you can just pick a color that you think is somewhat near you and it will match to the color of your skin.

Senegence Distributor

The ton of moisturizer is color correcting so it’ll help with any redness. It is a pure coverage but what I also want to say to make sure when I say that a lot of tinted moisturizers. Out there are too sheer and they don’t give you any coverage. I promise you with our tinted moisturizer you’re going to get that coverage and it looks beautiful. Also, you can mix our foundation, so some days I wear our tinted moisturizer and I do a half a pump of our tinted moisturizer and then a half a pump of our making sense foundation and you can blend those together and network beautifully.


The second one I want to talk to you about is our make sense. This is our anti-aging foundation it is 100% water resistant which is amazing all of these products. Honestly, have the staying power like lip sense. It’s truly amazing but this is water resistant because it has a lot of the extra anti-aging properties into it but all of our foundations including our tinted moisturizer and then, of course, the next one is our mix-ins foundation.

All of them have the Cineplex complex in it. I know you hear me talking about that, a lot that is our amazing antiaging complex. It helps the cellular renewal, so when you’re wearing your makeup whether its shadow senses your make sense foundation. You are getting that skin care inside your makeup which is amazing because it’s also helping your skin breath. You’re not getting that clogged pore feeling, it’s also you’re not feeling.

That cakey heaviness that you can with other foundations especially when you get the coverage that you do and like. I was telling you a lot all of our products are so highly pigmented shadows. Scents lips since but a little goes a long way, so you’re really gonna get the most for your buck and then we also have the airtight technology. So once this starts going up. You’re going to be able to see your foundation go up and you’ll see all of it being used instead of having to scrape the bottom of your foundation.

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So with the make sense foundation, this is a hundred percent waterproof. This is the daddy that’s you know like your lip sense. So you can put this on and go to the beach. You can go to your workout, you can even go on your workout and that makes sense in the tinted moisturizer and I promised you the staying power is unbelievable. A super sweaty workout some are dripping down going to the pool, going to the beach and your foundation is gonna stay and it’s gonna look natural and it’s truly something amazing and I know that you’ll love it too.


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