How to Wear Silver Eyeliner?

Many girls think silver eyeliner looks extra flamboyant and gives a loud look to their personality. But it is not true. You just need to know the nuances of how to put on silver eyeliner. You need to wear it in accordance to the shape of your face, shape of your eyes, and skin type. You also need to consider the occasion, time, and your outfit before applying it. Black and brown eyeliners are very common and everybody wears them. But they give you a different look and make you stand out in the crowd.

How to Use Silver Eyeliner?

Eyeliners create an optical illusion to give a new shape and size to your eyes. Eyeliner is the most important part of eye makeup. But, if put in a wrong manner, it can spoil the whole look so it is important to team up eyeliners effectively with the rest of the facial makeup. Normal and common shades such as black, brown, and gray are quite easy to carry and generally go with all kind of looks and suits most of the women. But when it comes to eyeliners in different colors, you need to play safe with them. Or else they will definitely make you look like a next fashion disaster and no women like to be that. Silver eyeliner is one of the tricky eyeliner colors that you need to be dealt with care.


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How to Wear Silver Eyeliner? Silver Eyeliner is easy to wear like any other eyeliner. Pencil eyeliner is very easy to wear compared to liquid eyeliner. Follow the steps below and wear the eyeliner flawlessly.

1. First, clean your face with a cleansing cream or wash you’re it with water.

2. Moisturize your skin well and try to avoid oil-based products as they can cause eyeliner to smudge.

3. Now apply foundation to your face including eyes. After that apply an eye makeup base with matching eyeshadow.

4. You can wear it alone or can use it in combination with another eyeliner color that goes with your outfit. For example, if your dress is navy blue, then first put the navy blue eyeliner close to the eyelids then draw the second line of the silver eyeliner. For the unique look, you can draw the third line again with navy blue eyeliner. This way you can experiment with it.

5. You can use an angled brush for precision while applying liquid eyeliner. You can also try mild smoky eye makeup with silver eyeliner. First, apply it on your eyes then smudge your eyeliner gently with cotton swabs. It makes you look simple yet sexy.

6. There are various eyeliner styles you can choose from. You can draw thin lines or can go for thick and extended wings like lines to add drama to your eye makeup.

7. Girls with light eyes should avoid it. If they are keen on wearing it then they must wear brown lenses, as silver eyeliner for brown eyes really looks gorgeous.

8. Once you decide how you have put the eyeliner, close your eyes and steadily put the eyeliner. If you want a thin line to apply with little pressure and if you want thick line then apply eyeliner with more pressure.

9. For the perfectly drawn eyeliner, you need to practice daily.

Silver is one of the versatile colors and goes with any skin tone. So all the women can carry silver eyeliner without having to worry about their ethnicity and skin color. So go ahead and use it to look stunning and glamorous in every party.

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