Simple Makeup Tricks for Flawless Makeup

You would say any makeup that is on is flawless. But I am sorry to disappoint you by revealing the fact that not all makeup looks flawless. To achieve a flawless makeup, you need to know the accurate techniques of makeup application as well as involve religious practice so that you have an easy hand on makeup. Besides makeup application not only improves a woman’s looks but also protects it from harms. Moreover the greatest advantage of having a flawless makeup is that women carry a positive attitude and confidence with those flawless looks.

Simple Makeup Tricks for Flawless Makeup


Achieving Flawless Makeup

It is not difficult to get the perfect flawless makeup look as you simply need to follow a set procedure of makeup application. It is not a tedious job at all. In fact you would love doing it as at the end you would see yourself unbelievably charming. Here are few steps to follow to get through the flawless makeup.

  • It is very important to cleanse, tone and moisturize your face before applying the makeup as well as remove the makeup before you are off to bed. Never keep your makeup on all through the day and night as this will only be harmful for your skin.
  • Apply a thin foundation in light and smooth layers and avoid over doing it as you are not going to look unnaturally fair, instead would appear like a clown. Choosing a foundation that matches closely with your skin tone and color is crucial.

applying foundation

  • When you start with your eye makeup, pick the colors or shades that match up well with your skin as well as the hair color. Simply keep one rule in mind that the colors have to go well with your skin tone and for that you need to be aware of your skin tone. If your skin tone is olive tinted, you can pick on bolder colors. The ones with brown eyes can choose to wear almost any eye color or eye liner. Women with ivory toned skin or paler skin should adhere to the less harsh colors. Make use of an eye brush for applying the eye makeup, rather than applying the makeup with the standard wand that comes along with the eye makeup products. Always start off applying a light stroke and add further if you feel it is required. Three colors of eye shadows are always appropriate as the blend of them create a perfect eye makeup.
  • Next is the eyeliner and mascara application. Draw a sleek line of a eyeliner very close to your upper eyelid’s inner portion and choose the right color that suits your skin.
  • Blush needs to be applied lightly two finger widths from the side of the nose in an upward motion to the top of the cheek bone. Using a dry blush brush, smooth it out.


  • Before applying a lipstick, outline your lips and lastly dab in some creamy or shimmering lip gloss over the lipstick.

Try out these simple steps and your flawless makeup would be done in no time. Patience and practice would definitely work wonders.

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