Skin Care Beauty Tips for Every Age

Throughout the different stages of your life, your skin goes through many changes. What worked in your twenties, may not in your forties. You need to adapt your skin care regimen according to age. In doing so, this will ensure that you skin is always in the best possible condition that it can be.

Skin Care Beauty Tips for Every Age

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This is the best time to establish your priorities. Spare a thought for sunburn and sun-damaged skin. Tan sensibly and use a sunscreen. The action you take now to protect your face from the harmful effects of sunlight will pay huge dividends in 15 or 20 years’ time.

What You Can Do:

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In your twenties, your complexion should be at its best, simply because it’s not going through so many changes as when you were a teen. If you want that peachy complexion to last through your 40s and beyond, now is the time to establish good habits. Also, if you didn’t wear sunscreen as a teen, damage may have been caused.

What You Can Do:

You want to make sure that your skin is always hydrated. The skin underneath your eyes becomes drier now, so start using an eye cream. Remember to use a sunscreen regularly. This is also a good time to start exfoliating to keep your skin smooth and even in color, and to rid it if any past sun damage.


In your thirties, oil production decreases and you may see lines and wrinkles becoming more apparent, especially if you don’t or haven’t in the past used sunscreen. Skin is drier and thinner, pores may appear bigger, and you will notice a decrease in your skin’s elasticity.


What You Can Do:

This is a good time to start using products which contain glycolic acid ‘ they help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and makes your skin smoother. Retin-A is also a good option to consider for hyper-pigmentation. You may need a richer cream if your skin is dry and especially if you reside in a dry climate. Masks may be used more frequently for exfoliating or moisturizing purposes. Be sure that everything you use is gentle and not anything harsh that may strip the skin of needed moisture. If you have never used an eye cream before, it is essential that you start using one to reduce puffiness or dark circles.


In your forties, you will experience more dryness and higher water loss. Your skin is not as good in retaining moisture at this stage. Elasticity will decrease, even more, skin tone will be uneven and lines may be more pronounced. Your skin also doesn’t heal as well as it once did. If you’ve never needed moisturizer before, you will definitely need one. Even if your skin was oily in the past, you may now find yourself having to deal with dry skin.

What You Can Do:

Apply moisturizer day and night, if you haven’t before. You may also want to apply creams that are firming. These will keep the skin looking tight and firm. You want to add moisture as much as possible to your skin. The products that you use should all be moisturizing. If your skin is still oily at this age, you should moisturize but with products that are oil-free. You may also notice age spots, which can be easily treated with over the counter skin lightening products or chemical peels. You may want to invest in regular facials and also be sure to keep exfoliating regularly.

Fifties and Up

In your fifties, all the damage that you have done to your skin over the years becomes visible. By now, you should have a skin care regimen that includes an exfoliating product and sunscreen. The same applies to be in your sixties and up. However, you may notice more wrinkles, your skin is also very pale at this stage and any uneven discoloration that you may have becomes more noticeable. Skin is very thin now, so it will burn easier. Tanning will only make you look older and contribute to more age spots if you have any.

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What You Can Do:

Just because your skin is more mature in appearance now, doesn’t mean that you can’t still take care of it to keep it looking its best. Be sure to focus on keeping your skin tone even and moisturized, stay out of the sun as much as possible, and use a higher protection sunscreen. You may also want to consider getting a chemical peel or other light procedure to smooth and freshen the skin. Don’t fret too much about wrinkles, remember, with age comes beauty and wisdom.

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