Skin Care Routine for Sensitive, Oily, Acne-Prone Skin

I wasn’t gonna do this until I was seriously more like 6 months like postpartum and the reason for that is because I found later in my pregnancy into postpartum. I’m usually someone that has pretty decent skin because I struggle with hormonal acne and later on in my pregnancy and early postpartum. I am usually full of estrogen when usually
I’m full of testosterone and that really makes me break out but when I have more, estrogen in my body my skin stays pretty clear. But Y’all seriously keep asking me what products.

I’m using what I’m up to how I tame acne clear up acne talk about acne scars and all that stuff. I’m doing this article for you guys because it was so highly requested and I do really hope you enjoyed this article.


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We’re gonna go ahead and get started so start this off this is my skincare routine and then later in the article, I’m going to do my p.m. skincare routine. I have extremely sensitive skin I have very oily skin and acne prone skin and also if I don’t kind of do my usual regime my skin will feel very dry and tight even though it’s extremely oily. So there’s like the background of my skin. In the morning I don’t actually go in and wash my face because I find that I don’t need to my skin is pretty oily in the morning but I just like to go in with my Garnier micellar water on a cotton pad and I wipe my face down this gets rid of all the oils and I’m not over cleansing my skin if I wash my face in the morning.

I usually will break out from it my skin just really can’t take it it’s so sensitive so micellar water works great for me right away. I go in with my body shop drops like I cream I really like this stuff it’s in a tube it’s easy to use I put this under my eyes on my eyelids and I kind of just bring it all around this area. I like to do this right away just really let it sink deep into my skin.


Next is a moisturizer and I kind of feel bad about talking about this and another product because these are locally made you know. When it comes to skincare specifically moisturizers I encourage. You to find something that’s very
locally made and beautifully made has organic ingredients very natural the reason to get it locally made is because
it’s actually really fresh the number of preservatives. They use is either minimal to none also you’re supporting local
businesses which I’m huge into and they use really beautiful ingredients. So this is the pink grapefruit and spearmint
a moisturizer that I use it has almond oil in it which doesn’t break me out and. It’s a very light feeling on my skin when the moisturizer is on my hand. It also goes with a couple drops of cedarwood oil the one I use is by Young Living cedarwood oil is like my like witchcraft. It’s the product I use for everything, it’s like you have a headache.

Here’s some cedar wood oil you have a butt rash. Here’s some cedar wood you have acne scars rosacea here’s some cedarwood oil. It’s very naturally antiseptic if you want to purchase that or find out more about oils in general.
I’ll link down below my friend Donna’s website and you can contact her ask her how you can get your hands on it etc.

So I just take that and I rub my hands together and put it all over my face. This feels good this is a great moisturizer to prep my skin for makeup. I love using facial sprays I love trying new ones but recently well recently the past half a year. I’ve been enjoying my a-v no thermal spray it is down to like one or two days more use and then it’s done. I actually need to repurchase more this again is great for acne if you have oily skin using a thermal micellar mineral water spray can really help with controlling oils and helping your pores kind of minimize also great for rosacea and then I also go in with this is another locally made product.

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It’s just a lavender spray lavender is so beautiful for the skin very very healing. You can make this all on your own but I support local businesses. I decided to purchase at myself and I spray it all over my face and just really let these products sink in a couple of times a week. I do like to use a lip scrub my favorite is from lush it’s the bug gum lip scrub this has been a repurchase product for a long time and here’s the thing I have actually never purchased one my husband has always purchased them. For me, I know what it is but like birthdays Christmas he’s always like bubblegum lip scrub Sarah. Needs some and I usually always do so I go in with that and I just really really scrub my lips down. I just do this a couple times a week and then I put on a lip mask. I love my beady Beauty lip mask if you want to purchase this and get some dollars off your order.


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