Simple & Easy Ways to Find Your Skin Type

Today we are going to talk about identifying your skin type. The most important thing to know before you start any CTM regime is to know what your skin type is. Without drawing your skin type it will be difficult for you to figure out how to get the best out of the products you use.

Simple & Easy Ways to Find Your Skin Type

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Let’s get started with three easy steps to identify your skin type.

Step number one, let’s start with washing and cleansing your face. Remove your makeup and wash off the Dave oil and dirt for your skin can start fresh.

Step number two, wait two hours. Avoid apply any services let your skin go back to its natural condition.

Step number three, look into the mirror what do you see. If you see no signs of flaking or oiliness if your skin feels smooth and well normal. Then you are that one lucky person with normal skin.

Number four, If your skin looks shiny and may feel a bit oily to the touch then you have oily skin type.

Number five, If your skin feels tight and may have a few flaky areas then you have dry skin.

Number six, combination skin has all the above skin is usually with an oily t-zone but it’s normal to dry everywhere else. So there you go it’s really easy to figure out what your skin type is

More about your skin type

Find your skin type below:

Normal skin
None of the below
no major skin issues
Dewy appearance

Sensitive Skin
React negatively to many products, often breaking out or becoming very dry
May have visible blothiness/red areas
May become re or hot when touched
May be itchy

Acne prone skin
Prone to acne
Products easily cause acne flare-ups
Usually combination to oily
Can be caused by sensitivity or hormonal imbalances

Dehydrated skin
Often mistaken for oily skin due to oil production, in turn making it worse by using drying products
Ought to be treated as dried-out skin, despite the greasy appearance
Skin is visibly dry and may have a rough or flakey spot but produces excessive sebum

Dry skin
Feel tight in the morning
may be itchy
may have rough or flakey patches
dull appearance

Oily skin
Seems slick to the touch and it has a shiny look
Pores are enlarged
Produce oils in the T-zone and the cheek areas
prone to blackheads and acne

Also Read:

Combination skin
Enlarged pore (usually on the nose)
Usually, dry on the cheeks but oily in the T-Zones
Maybe dry-combination skin (Oily in the T-zone, dry to normal on the cheeks)

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