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Bare Minerals Makeup – Pure And Natural

bareMinerals makeup uses the highest quality and purest minerals found in natural earth. Mined in selected regions all across the country, the makeup’s proprietary formula embodies a ‘refined blend’ that doesn’t compromise quality. The product’s quality is creamy and delicately soft in texture compared to the chalky and dry feel of other cosmetic brands. The

BIO SKINCARE Natural Skin Product Review

If you are one of the 85% of Americans suffering or having suffered from acne at one point in their lives, you probably have tried a number of different over the counter (OTC) products. OTC products treat mild acne and come in the form of gels, creams, lotions, scrubs, and cleansers. Simple to take over

Cindy Crawford’s Natural skincare Remedies

Cindy Crawford’s Natural skincare Remedies – Has anyone used Cindy Crawford’s skincare line “meaningful beauty”? Is it as excellent as she says? I have used it and then I sent it back. No results whatsoever after the 30 days. Its a gimmick and a waste of money. People with freckles and/or moles tend to have two

All About Botanical Skin Care Ingredients and Products You Must Know

There is plenty of confusion when it comes to botanical skin care as most people equate botanicals to natural ingredients. However, the Food and Drug Administration equates all natural products, even those extracted from plants and herbs as being chemical in nature. Realistic or not, the approach to botanical skin care is similar to that

Simple Step Skincare Routine For Normal Skin Type

Skincare Routine – Today’s I’m gonna be sharing with you guys a five-step skincare routine. I want to give you guys my raw and honest opinion on all these skincare products. Let’s go ahead and jump into the skincare routine! Simple Step Skincare Routine For Normal Skin Type 1. Makeup Remover / Toner So the