Simple Step Skincare Routine For Normal Skin Type

Skincare Routine – Today’s I’m gonna be sharing with you guys a five-step skincare routine. I want to give you guys my raw and honest opinion on all these skincare products. Let’s go ahead and jump into the skincare routine!

Simple Step Skincare Routine For Normal Skin Type

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1. Makeup Remover / Toner

Makeup Remover

So the first step that we had is removing all of your makeup. So on the days that I do wear makeup. This is the first step that I take the first thing that we have our makeup wipes. This is really nice to kind of just get that first base of foundation and makeup products. That you have on your face to kind of just clear all that off. I’m not super picky with my makeup wipes. The only thing I do prefer though is that it comes from naturally derived sources. I don’t like really harsh chemicals or anything like that the ones that I’m using right now are the Aveeno Ultra-Calming Makeup Removing Wipes. They remove your dirt mascara makeup and it has a very calming effect and it smells really good. I also really like the simple makeup wipes all the products.

I’m not super picky on makeup wipes but the two that are usually go for are the Aveeno or the simple brand.

The next step that we have for makeup removing is toner. so I think toner is really important to get that second base of makeup off. This gets deep in your pores a lot of the times. When we do like makeup wipes and stuff it only gets just kind of that first layer of makeup. When you use toner it really gets deep into your pores and takes all the remaining makeup off your face.


The toner that I use is the Mario Badescu Going Colic Acid Toner. You can tell I use this all the time it’s almost out this is a really really good toner. I usually use this every single night whether I have makeup on or not but it’s really good. Also if you do that makeup but it just really gets all the dirt and everything out of your pores and gives you a nice solid base to start cleaning your face.

2. Face Wash

Face Wash

The second step that we have is face wash. So I have a gentle face wash and then I also have a more deep exfoliant. My gentle cleanser is my Holy Grail.

It’s the Philosophy Purity One-Step Facial Cleanser. This is so simple. I don’t really think there’s a fragrance I mean. There’s a slight fragrance but it’s just really really clean ingredient wise and I use this probably twice a day in the morning in that night and then if I ever workout to get all the sweat and stuff off.

I will usually use this in the shower. It’s just very simple to clean ingredients and just kind of gives you that nice fresh cleaned face without being too harsh on your skin and then as for my deep on face wash.

3. Exfoliator


That I use probably once every two days or whenever my skin feels really rough is an exfoliant. So the exfoliator that I use is the Clinique Exfoliating Scrub. It’s very thick has a lot of those exfoliant beads in it so it really gets the old skin and dirt off your face it just is a very very deep exfoliant. So using this too much I feel like would dry out your skin which is why I only use it like once every two days. Yeah, this one’s really really nice.

4. Moisturizer


So the third stuff that we have is moisturizer so after you wash your face. It’s really important to moisturize your face so again I have a deep moisturizer and then I also have an everyday simple moisturizer. So my everyday simple moisturizer again. Do you know my Holy Grail? It is the Neutrogena Naturals Multivitamin Nourishing Moisturizer. This stuff smells amazing which is why I bought it in the first place back in college. It just really works for my skin. It’s super moisturizing without that greasy feel.

It’s thick but you don’t get like an oily face after there’s no harsh chemicals or anything like that in it. So it’s okay it’s also drugstore brand so it’s not super expensive and when I use this I noticed like the redness of my skin really go down. I really like that it has vitamins B, C, E, Omega biown nutrients in it. It just I really like it a lot. So I use this every single day probably twice a day after I wash my face whether. That’s with my exfoliator or my everyday cleanser.

This stuff is just so good as for my deep moisturizer. I try to use it every single night but sometimes I’ll use it like once every other night I actually got this from a Fabfitfun box. I would have never come across it if I didn’t get it but it’s the Korres Wild Rose vitamin C Brightening Sleeping Facial and you’re supposed to use it at night.

Korres Wild Rose vitamin C Brightening Sleeping Facial

I didn’t think there would ever be anything that smelled better than the multivitamin moisturizer. That I just showed you but I was wrong this stuff. If I could get a perfume that smells like this that’d be great but I usually just like put this on at night to mask my face and let it sit overnight because I wake up and my skin is so plump. I feel like a baby again. It literally seeps into your skin and radiates like.

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I’m not even kidding you and the fact that it has vitamin C is really good because I have a lot of sun spots on my face. So it’s just a really good mask overnight it smells so good when you put it on it seems a little bit thick and greasy but when you like sleep overnight which is what you’re supposed to do with it. Let it seep through you
wake up and it’s just like your skin is flawless.

5. Eye cream

Eye cream

The fourth stuff that we have is eye cream. The first eye cream that I use is my Nighttime Eye Cream. This is more of like maintenance and preventative measure when it comes to like wrinkles and stuff like that. The one that I use for that is the benefit I cream it’s potent and I just honestly use like a little bit with my ring finger and I’m just like a dab.

It across my eye every single night. Just for preventative measures. It also helps with dark circles. I’m just kind of brighten to the under eye area, so I really like this stuff and then for my eye cream again I got this from the Fabfitfun box. They have like really good things in there.

dr. Brandt

This is a dr. Brandt. No more baggage ID puffing cream, so this you put underneath your eye in the morning and no joke like within 5 minutes your eyes. If you’ve had too much salt or something and your eyes are like puffy. this just totally deep puffs them and really quickly and it just it’s really nice.

The one thing though that I do have to say about this is that if you put too much on it’s like a reddish cream. So if you put too much on it’ll like dry and you can see the red underneath your eyes.

6. Self care

Face mask

And then last but not least I have my occasional self-care. This is like when I do like that really deep self-care routine. Once a month so first things first my favorite face mask again. I’m not too picky with face masks because I do them once a month maybe like it doesn’t really have long-term effects on my skin.

I just usually find one that like makes my skin feel really good but the one that I’ve like always been drawn to is the dead sea mud mask by Pure Body Naturals.

This is mud from the Dead Sea. That’s so cool to say. So it’s like super mineral infused mud deep cleans your skin. It reduces your pores and helps clear acne. So simple but really good. I love this stuff and then occasionally I will do like a blackhead remover. So you see this B or strips but they’re so expensive and they’re very small like the forehead one. I have to use like three because I have such a big forehead and the nose one doesn’t go on
my full nose.

I actually got this some company sent this over to me and I’ve been like looking for that charcoal mask. That everyone goes to like on Instagram and YouTube and stuff like where they like to peel it off and it’s like a whole face blackhead remover.

charcoal detox by Jean-Pierre

I finally found one so this is the charcoal detox by Jean-Pierre. It detoxifies and brightens off your face. It’s a peel-off mask use sparingly. Do not put this all over your face. You will be in pain taking it off. I usually just put it on my nose, my forehead and like my chin the area wherever you have blackheads.

This is really good you have to let it dry for like thirty minutes. I think it only says like fifteen to twenty. But you have to put like the kind of a thinner layer on let it completely dry and take it off very slowly and you can see all your bak heads.

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It’s kind of satisfying, so that is it I have a very simplistic skincare routine but I’m totally honest like those are all the products that I use five steps very simple. I stick to pretty much the same skincare for a really long time. I don’t like mixing too many things together.

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