The Best Skincare Routine For Oily Skin

I just woke up and today I’m going to share with you guys my updated skincare routine.

The first I’ve got to put my hair up because of my hair’s older. I wore a sleeping mask last night, so I want to make sure to get like any excess product off of my face. If there is any so I’m going to go in with an oil cleanser. I’m going to do my double signs so this is the Derma E Essentials Nourishing Royal Cleansing Oil and it contains argued and cold oil. I’m pretty sure that’s how you pronounce it. I’m not sure everyone pronounces it differently.


Yeah, I’m just going to take these and kumkum likely comes on a message this all of my face. It just looks so good. It smells like a rose in Telugu and I just like a massage right up. Here on my temples!

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I look like a villain what I do this but oh I feel so good and it just like you know giving yourself a little massage takes off your morning.

Okay so now I’m just going to wash the top of eight I always pat dry my face.

Next, I’m going to go in with my cause or X low pH good morning that gel cleanser and this is just a really nice
light refreshing cleanser. that doesn’t make my skin feel like very dry or tight or anything like that just a very gentle cleanser.

I have some redness up here because of where a message, but I’m just going to go away.

Okay so now that I’ve cleansed my face have like the most basic step out of my skin care routine finished. Now, the remaining steps all kind of just depend on how my skin feeling that day that is how I approach all of my skin care routines. It’s different every single day.

It all just depends on how my skin does feeling today. So right now my skin is feeling pretty because it’s that time of the month. So it seems very very oily so I’m going to tone with the milk makeup Moksha toner and I love this because it feels very very refreshing and also it’s really great because it’s like a traveler sized and this is also going to reduce some of that redness on my forehead right here and it is so so soothing and really nice.

I’m just going to pop that into my skin to let it dry a little bit absorb my gosh.

The next thing that I’m going to do this is not the same redness as this. This is red because I massage my face so this is red because it’s a pimple so it kind of hurts a little bit so what I’m going to do is I’m going to take my collar xbh a powered liquid because it is a BH a salicylic acid is going to kind of calm down. This temple right here and kind of draw all the impurities out so I’m just going to go like this usually what I would do is I would soak like a corner of a cotton pad and like soak it on here but I ran out cat do its thing.

I do not want to forget to properly moisturize my skin even though my skin is going to be pretty oily. I still want to make sure that my skin is hydrated. That it doesn’t overproduce oil.

The next thing I’m going to take is a hydrating Essence this is the Mesha time revolution of the first treatment Essence but this is being this version so I really like this because all you do is like spread on your face. We don’t have to worry about like wasting product and like you know doing all of that mess so and it gives me like instant hydration like my skin already feels super hydrated. I’m just lightly patting this in you don’t want to like slap your face in it. I mean who I feel an amazing party.

See more the video herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JebF7mOwPMc

Skincare menu for Oily skin

From byrdie.com, here is skincare menu for your oily skin that must apply:

Cleansing Gel
Zinc Oxide Sunscreen
ANtioxidant Serum

Cleansing Gel
Retinol serum
Oil-Free Moisturizer

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