Makeup Tools – Soft Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are an essential tool for every woman who loves applying makeup. Our facial skin is much delicate than the rest of our body, hence we need to take special care of it. If you use makeup brushes with hard bristles to apply makeup, then they may cause damage to your skin. It is important to use soft makeup brushes for makeup application. These makeup brushes smoothly glide makeup over the skin without irritating it.

 Soft makeup brushes


Soft makeup brushes are made from ultra-soft bristles that are ideal for soft smooth application of any makeup product. These makeup brushes can be made from natural or synthetic bristles. Natural bristles made from goat or squirrel hair are very soft and help in applying makeup without aggravating the skin. The animal hair used for making makeup brushes are cleaned and processed so that they don’t irritate your skin. The synthetic brushes generally have taklon or nylon fiber that is soft on your skin.

How to check if the bristles are soft?

Before buying a makeup brush, check whether its handle is sturdy and bristles are soft. Run the bristle over the back of your hand and check if they feel soft. Keep the makeup brush against the light and check if there are any uneven bristles. Uneven makeup brush bristles may cause irritation while applying makeup.

 Soft makeup brushes

The professional makeup brushes available in the market have soft smooth bristles. These makeup brushes may be expensive but they soft and durable. You can even opt for synthetic makeup brushes provided by various brands like Clinique, MAC, Fantasea, ELF, Annabelle, NYX, Sonia Kashuk, EcoTools, etc.

Soft makeup brushes for mineral makeup application:

Mineral makeup is made from natural ingredients and needs different set of makeup brushes for uniform and flawless application. Mineral makeup brushes have soft and fluffy bristles that help in providing complete coverage using small amount of mineral makeup. There are various soft mineral makeup brushes such as:

Mineral blush brush: This soft fluffy rounded brush is used to apply mineral blush to the apple of your checks. Its soft bristles help in smooth makeup application.

Mineral blush brush

Mineral face brush: This soft head brush has soft bristles and helps in controlled application of mineral face products. This brush helps in uniformly blending the face makeup products with your skin.

Mineral Smudger brush: This smudge brush with soft bristles helps in smudging eye shadow and giving you a smooth finished eye makeup look

Mineral Concealer brush: This angled brush with soft smooth bristles effortlessly applies mineral concealer over your flaws and hides them

Mineral shadow brush: It has unique design and soft bristles that helps in layered application of colors over the eyelid. It helps in creating different eye makeup looks using mineral eye shadow.

It is essential to clean your makeup brushes regularly to keep the bristles soft and clean. Clean your makeup brushes every week with the help of a brush makeup cleanser. Avoid using harsh cleanser on your makeup brushes, which may damage the bristles and make them brittle.

Soft makeup brushes are essential for applying makeup flawlessly without irritating your skin. It is important to take care of these delicate bristles by regularly cleaning them. Check the quality of bristles of the makeup brushes before buying them.

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