Romantic Soft Pink Lipstick Makeup Tutorial

July 12, 2019 | Makeup Looks

This morning I woke up and I was feeling a little bit on the Pinker side. So I did this makeup look for you guys. Now, if you want to learn how to recreate this. Look keep watching and I’ll show you how I’m going to start off by prepping my face with embroiling ease moisturizer and for the foundation. I’ll be using my Mac NC 30 Studio Fix foundation and I’ll be blending that in with a Ramos liquid foundation brush. So I’m going to pump someone to the back of my hand and spread it all over my face using my fingers.

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First I do it this way so that most the product is on my face and not absorbed into my brush. I’m gonna use my Ray Morris brush to blend and buff that into my skin. Once I’m happy with my foundation. I’m gonna grab my Mac Pro Longwear concealer in NC 25 and pump out half a pump onto the back of my hand. I find that one full pump of this concealer is way too much.  I’m gonna apply the concealer using my ring finger and I’m just gonna Pat it underneath my eyes.

Next, I’m gonna spot conceal my skin with a Mac Pro concealer palette in medium and also a ray Morris deluxe eyeliner brush. I find that this is the best way to conceal acne scars in small pimples so I just dab a bit of that concealer onto the areas. That I want to cover and use my finger to blend it out now.

I’m ready to move on to highlighting I’ll be using the L’oreal true match concealer in ivory beige so I’m just gonna apply that to the areas. That I want to make stand out a little bit more so that’s my forehead my nose bridge because I want a taller nose. My chin and also underneath my eyes this has to be one of my favorite steps when I’m doing makeup because I look like a tiger are actually know I look like an idiot.

Now, I’m gonna Pat and blend that in with the same foundation brush. I was using before a good tip when blending in your highlighting is use a patting motion so a bouncing paying motion onto your skin instead of a back-and-forth blending buffing motion. This will help keep your highlight in the right areas and not move it around too much.

Next, I’m going to grab my ICMA Shinto foundation palette and with the darker shades. So once I’ve mapped out the contouring on my face I’m going to grab the same foundation brush and use that same patting motion to blend that into my skin. I think nowadays contouring is one of the most important things you girls can learn. Make sure your contouring is on point.

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Now it’s time for me to quickly fill in my eyebrows. I’ve got here it’s where I teach you and show you guys how to create the perfect eyebrows in three minutes. Then I’m going to set my base with my Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlight and Contour palette and I’ll be using my Ray Morris mineral buffer brush to buff. That into my skin I’m going to set the light areas first using the shade banana and I’m going to use that brush just to buff and Pat that into my skin with my deluxe pro blender brush from Ray Morris.

I’m just going to dip that into the middle shade. They’re called fawn I’m gonna run it across the areas that I contoured before that’s gonna help further define and deepen those areas. Now, I’m gonna grab my NARS or**sm blush I almost wonder who gets to name these products okay because I would love to have the job of naming products ridiculous names like org**m wouldn’t that be a great job.

Next, I’m gonna use a fan brush this one’s a no-name one. That I got from the beauty store and I’m gonna highlight my face using Laura Mercier’s highlighter in number one.

Let’s move on to eyes I’ll be using Mac soft ochre Paint Pot to prime and prep my lid. So I’ll apply that with a small brush and then I’m going to use my ring finger to blend that through. For my base color, I’ll be using Mac Brule eyeshadow and I’m just going to apply that all over my lid using Ray Morris’s cream shadow shader brush.

Then I’m gonna grab my Anastasia Beverly Hills bikini eyeshadow and using Ray Morris’s detail point shader brush. I’m going to apply that along my socket line. This will be my transition color to deepen up the socket I’ll be using deep plum eyeshadow and I’m just going to work that in with the same brush but just focusing on where my crease line is.

Now if you have trouble applying your eyeshadows the trick is to keep your eyes open when you’re applying your shadow. It makes life so much easier. I honestly don’t know why people close their eyes and do eyeshadow because you can’t see.

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Now for the highlighter colors, I’m going to use the color dust from The Naked 3 palette and with the small lash line shader brush. I’m going to apply that shade towards the inner corner of my eyes then for the center of my eyelids I’ll be using a trick from the same Naked 3 palette and with the patting motion.

I’m just going to Pat that in along the center of my lid once that is looking all good in the hood I’m going to move on to my lower lash line so with the same small shader brush I’m going to apply the same colors. I use up top along my lower lash line.

The next step is to line my top lash line, so I’ll be using the dolly wink liquid liner in the color black. I just run that liquid liner along the top lash line to help further define and elongate. My eyes a trick I like to do is always extend the eyeliner past my inner corner. This helps to make my eyes look longer and bigger.

Now it’s time to apply mascara along my lower lashes and I’ll be using the brow lash mascara. I really like the brush on this mascara because of the acts as a coin when it helps really separate. My lower lashes this one’s really good if you guys have really short bottom lashes or even top lashes. You can see the difference here with and without the mascara big difference.

I’m not playing any to my top lashes because I’ve got eyelash extensions on, so I’m just brushing that through. Then I’m gonna apply lashes. Now if you like the lashes I’m wearing today I’ll pop the link for them in the caption box below and you can get them off eBay for my lips. I’ll be using the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in a milkshake. What a cool name My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard actually. Who wants boys we need men, real men!

Finally, I’m going to use Mac hip and happy lipliner to further define my lips and make them appear a little bit bigger. So I hope you guys enjoyed.

See the video here.


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