Strivectin Instant Facial Sculpting Cream Review

Strivectin Instant Facial Sculpting Cream Review – They were striving Acton because they are leaders when it comes to anti-aging for the neck. Their product has been extremely popular. Well, what they’ve done being leaders when it comes to anti-aging for the neck? They’ve taken everything they know about what works to keep our necks looking more youthful and they’ve developed a brand new face cream. This is the Strive Vecten Tightening face cream and we are presenting it for the first day ever not only do. We have it for you today for the very first time we’ve got it for you with a featured price because at retail this is $95. Here at QVC, our price is 77 25 cents and we put it on easy pay today.
Strivectin Instant Facial Sculpting Cream Review

Strivectin instant facial sculpting cream customer reviews

So let me introduce you to the lady who’s here to tell us all about it. Nina Bray BEC is our expert from stripe so excited. Well, that’s what I said at the beginning of the show what’s great about shopping with QVC particularly for beauties. You get to hear from the experts about why these are the products that will deliver exactly. What you want to strive vecten for a very long time has truly been a leader when it comes to anti-aging for our neck and so you took what you know about that.  And I love that, you said to me earlier you said aging skin isn’t just about lines and wrinkles. It’s not just that there’s much more to it. So tells me about this new face cream.  Yes well, our like you said you know. We are leaders in the tightening technology and you know our neck cream is our number one selling per product and we thought.

Facial sculpting skincare product


Okay, how do we make that better well we take it to the face? Yeah and you know if you think about skin aging I’d like to think about it. In two phases so phase one is the lines and wrinkles and you know lines and wrinkles. I think we’re kind of okay with because we can blur that with makeup you can do for that exactly well. We hit Phase two then
we’re talking more about structural. And so that is when we start to lose that bounce in our skin and that’s when you know things that gravity takes over skin starts to slack in and it’s much much more difficult to restore volume in the skin.

strivectin instant facial sculpting cream customer reviews
I have a graphic that we’re gonna look at to kind of show.  You in an illustration so when you see the before you know. When were you when we’re youthful? We have high cheekbones a well-defined jaw beautiful smooth skin but as we age you see the line starting the etch in and the skin starts to slacken. The cheekbones starting to flatten and you know everything kind of starts to look a little softer not as sharp, and boom!  Now right it’s sort of like! Oh, our 20s and 30s yes yeah but not to worry because there are things that you can do exactly. Because with this technology we’re able to help you bring back that volume and plumpness to the skin. So in this before starting in above her brow and moving over to the right, you can see the series of lines.
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This is only after two weeks.  But what I loved most about this model when she came into the progressional.  She said she was there because she wanted to look great for her daughter’s wedding.  She was helping her daughter plan her wedding so she wanted her skin to look its best and you know that included restoring the volume. And now when we look at the next one this is after four weeks and the lowest part of our face you know from our nose down to the chain.

That’s the hardest area of the face to affect one you can see that line in the before and you know especially underneath the lip to the chin like I was gonna say take a look of going from the corner of her lip down to the corner of that image. You know just where her chin begins Wow and she matches our clinical study which is instrument measure that is proven to improve elasticity in the skin.

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But we also do consumer perception study where 90% of the women said it improved the creepiness and 80% said it made their skin appear plumper.  So those are results we can see and feel Wow. So I’m gonna use this it.

Can I use this morning at night? With this absolutely so this is gonna be your moisturizers use a pearl-sized the amount. You can use this incorporate this with anything you’re already using.

Okay, put this over your favorite serum! It alone you know and it’s so silky really wonderful and yes with this texture. It’s gonna go right into the skin it’s never gonna feel greasy or tacky you know. When you use this day and night you’re gonna automatically start to see what’s amazing benefits and you know. Yes, we were dressing lines and wrinkles because we want to do that.  But this is more about bringing back the volume to your skin tightening firming plumping and is you know a less skin elasticity. Yeah, I’ll tell you so and that’s just it I love that you make that point because if you want to try to do.  What you can and nobody’s saying yeah. I’m never gonna dial back to my 20s and 30s and you know I’m in my mid-50s.

strivectin instant facial sculpting cream review

Now,  but what I want is the best looking.  Skin that I can possibly have and there you know and what I think is also incredible is there are ingredients.  There is technology that can read that my grandmother didn’t have that can really benefit.  Just how good you can keep your skin looking.  So that’s why we the experts who have really kind of changed.

What we thought about how our neck could look now are taking that same technology and have developed a face cream.  So this is being presented for the very first time ever on QVC and if you maybe you’re somebody who loves and uses this trifecta neck cream. The neck the tightening face cream we’re presenting for the very first time today. It is on easy pay and if you were to go to retail to get it the price you pay would be $95 our price is $77 and change and we put it before you on three easy payments.

strivectin instant facial sculpting cream review

When using your credit card for women who are saying you know do I have to be a certain age wind. Should I be using this neck cream by Friday spring? My mantra is it’s never too soon and it’s never too late okay. And we have a before and after. We’re gonna see that she is in her mid-70s okay and you know when she came to us for the progressional she did say I’m concerned it’s a little too late. These really deep horse wrinkles and we said no no no. We have one for the technology we have our sculpting or sculpting technology.

With this proprietary ingredient for this tightening face cream.  It’s never too late.  Yeah, so when we see this in her before there’s a series of lines in that.  You can you know very very visible and in the after you can see how much softer that is she used this AM and PM and for the 12 weeks and that’s one jar.  Because this is you know 90 day supply and we said look we can change your skin.  This is transformation and it’s clinically proven in 12 weeks to tighten and firm.

The skin Wow and yeah yeah. I mean you can see the difference in terms of just how her the appearance of a more youthful that tighter look to her skin. And that really is the ingredients that you’re describing anything rubs.

The last before and after we just saw because that’s how he faced the world yeah face forward and they’re able to really see and this is the hardest area of the face to affect and we’re able to do that here’s the other thing too. I think for a lot of us you know we and myself included tend to get into a rut. I’ve used the same thing for so long and I just you know and that I’m using it just because I always have to take a look and if you’re not happy with what you’re seeing and maybe the changes in your skin are requiring something more.  The this is the brand that really brought us that innovation for the neck and now they’re taking.

That technology and delivering it for the face because aging skin isn’t just about lines and wrinkles. So if you want this dry Becton tightening face cream. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEvyttw1asU.