Easy & Simple Summer Makeup Tutorial

Summer Makeup Natural – I have done the face makeup to save some time and if you want to know how to get this to reduce keep on reading.

Essence Eyeshadow Base

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I’m starting off with an Essence Eyeshadow Base.  And when I flow onto my lid and then blend it with a snow brush. I’m going to sleep also special palette and using this kind of slight shade and instead my eyeshadow base.  after that as a condition called. I’m using this light kind of brown shade using my morphe and little two blending brush from the same palette and blending the transition color properly and this will help out the shadows with the lens axis.

Morphe 35o palette

Now, for my morphe 35o palette, I’m using this peachy shade on my Sigma E-40 Brush. I’m blending that with the transition color and bringing that a little bit on my lid. They found outer corners and using the dark brown shadow from the sleek palette and line that fall to the author C of my eyes.

Now, with my mossy and sensitive brush and the same shadows. I’m going to be found out with see and the Kree’s, even more, this will give more depth and definition to the eyes language. For example pencil right onto my lid, so that by shadows pop and now using this speech shapes and the same morphe palette and applying it on top of that again blend the colors properly. So that there are no harsh lines from my brow bone and inner corners and using this makeup revolution blushing heart. Using my ELF eye defining brush and the same brown shadows and winter fly that onto my lower lashline.


 Summer Natural Makeup

Now I’m using also my nude eye pencil to line my waterline. As my liner, I’m using this Mythix law July. Now notices later wings when Oscar on using this Maybelline double XL pro mascara on my both upper and lower lashes.

Now I’m using a pair of false lashes and after that, I’m going to apply my lipstick.  Today, I’m using this peachy shade from Milani which is the state award and I’m going to apply on some of it. And this guy’s we are done.


Here is the final look I skipped the base makeup today. If you want to know how I did my base makeup you can also check out my flawless base makeup tutorial. I hope you guys like this simple yet subtle makeup look for summer.

Products used:

  • Maybelline XXL Pro Mascara
  • Morphe 35U palette
  • BLINQUE lashes 605
  • Sleek oh so special palette
  • Music Flower gel liner
  • Essence eye shadow base
  • Makeup revolution blushing hearts
  • LA Colour Jumbo pencil white
  • Flormar nude liner
  • Maybelline XXL Pro Mascara
  • Lipstick- MILANI Matte amore – Allure


  • Morphe Brushes
  • ELF Brush
  • Sigma Brushes

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