Antiaging Healthy Tips – Diets And The Benefit To The Skin

Antiaging Healthy Tips – The foods you eat have more to do with the health and beauty of your skin than you may realize. In fact, there have been quite a few diets in recent years that are designed to promote weight loss and better skin health as well as a few that were designed solely for the purpose of improving skin health. It’s a happy coincidence that they also, to some degree, will result in weight loss for those who follow them faithfully. These diets and their benefit to the skin are discussed below.

Low GI Diet

Antiaging Healthy Tips - Diets And The Benefit To The Skin


The philosophy of this diet is relatively simple and extremely healthy. It goes something like this: eat less saturated fats and more fruits and vegetables to have healthy skin and enjoy reasonable, sustainable weight loss. But, how does this diet help the skin? First of all, it is rich in antioxidants that serve to stabilize the free radicals that often result in wrinkles when left unchecked. They are also rich in fiber which is well known for aiding in maintaining the tone and texture of youthful skin. More importantly, you are avoiding the wild spikes in insulin levels that lead to all kinds of skin damage and inflammation.

7-Day Skin Diet

This diet fills you up with fiber, fruits, nuts, and vegetables that are excellent for your skin because they remove toxins that are found in the body. These are the very toxins that lead to skin damage in the future. The diet is a bit hard to follow for some but the benefits are younger-looking skin in 7 days. Most people can handle anything for 7 days and this is not a diet that will leave you feeling hungry. In fact, you will probably feel quite full as a result of the extra fiber you will be consuming.

3 Day Face Lift Diet

This diet is used as a kick start to the 28 Day Meal Plan created by Dr. Perricone. You will enjoy a LOT of food on this diet though the menu is somewhat limited when it comes to variety. This diet works best if you love salmon and have a lot of time to spend eating because there is so much food to prepare and eat throughout the day. The benefits of this diet is an abundant supply of Omega-3 fatty acids which are excellent for the skin and other healthy ingredients that build better looking and feeling skin. You will experience results in 3 days that are quite impressive if you manage to follow this diet. More importantly, you will find anti-aging properties for the inside as well as the outside. This is a diet that is very healthy.


Times have changes and diets are no longer solely about weight loss. Today there are plenty of diets that are created to bring about changes in skin tone, texture, and vitality. You can have the look of youth you long for if you are willing to do what it takes to get it.

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