4 The Best Strong Acne Creams

Those who suffer with acne, whether the occasional breakout or a chronic condition, are constantly on the lookout for a strong acne cream that will work for them. Many of these people, especially the ones with a chronic condition, would do just about anything to clear up their skin. Acne can lower self esteem, leave scars and be fairly uncomfortable.


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Acne is a fairly common condition affecting millions. There are several ways to treat acne including over the counter (OTC) creams, natural remedies and prescription medications. Visiting your family physician or a dermatologist is the best way to determine which option will best suit your needs. If visiting a doctor for acne sounds silly to you, then you will have to stick with the over the counter and natural remedies. Prescription medications should never be purchased on line as they can have serious side effects and do more harm than good. Here are several treatment options that you can consider.

4 of the best OTC acne treatments:

1.DDF Gel with Tea Tree Oil: This is an acne treatment gel containing 5% benzol peroxide, the product used in most over the counter solutions. Tea tree oil is a natural ingredient that improves the overall condition of the skin. It also has antibacterial properties which will prevent further breakouts. Several people have reported good results with this product, they state their skin feels healthier within one week and that the gel is non-drying.

2.Acne Solution Emergency Gel by Clinique: While this is one of the more expensive products, several people believe its worth it. Reportedly one of the best OTC preparations, it improves acne markedly in addition to preventing future breakouts. It removes bacteria, effectively unclogging the pores. It has a fairly strong concentration of benzol peroxide, and users report a decrease in redness and inflammation within the first few days.

3.Persa Gel by Johnson and Johnson: This gel contains a 10% benzol peroxide concentration, the highest you can get without a prescription. It is effective for treating acne, as well as for preventing future breakouts of whiteheads and blackheads. This gel is water based, meaning it can be used on most skin types without complication.

4.Biores Blemish Double Agent Treatment: Biores treatment does not use any benzol peroxide, it works instead by sealing in the skins own salicylic acid. It prevent dirt from entering the pores, which decreases the number of future breakouts. It is a gentle, non-drying product, that most respond to in 3 to 5 days.

If you dont feel that you are quite ready for a prescription yet, but are not satisfied with the results of OTC preparations, you may want to mix up your own concoction. One mixture that works well for acne, is the combination of an avocado, a banana and some vitamin E ointment. Vitamin E ointment can be purchased easily at a pharmacy or on the web. In a blender combine one teaspoon of the vitamin E, one half of a banana and a small avocado in a blender until completely combined and smooth. Apply to a clean face and leave on for several minutes. These types of treatments work well for some, the only true drawback being the inability to store it. This avocado mixture can be stored in the refrigerator, but only for about one day.

For sufferers of severe, chronic acne the only product that may work may be a prescription medication. There are several medications on the market, the best one being Accutane. Most people report significant improvement quickly after they begin treatment. Although the medication may work very well, it has some potential negatives that should be considered before starting treatment. Accutane can potentially cause some serious side effects, requires ongoing blood test and requires the user to register with a specific program before it is prescribed. It poses serious side effects to the fetus and therefore any woman of childbearing age must agree to use two forms of birth control while the medication is being used. Women and men are required to register with iPLEDGE winch will require you to read important information, sign a statement of understanding and women will need to sign a document agreeing to the birth control requirements. Women will also undergo pregnancy test before, during and at the termination of the pregnancy. Other conditions you need to inform your doctor of include, but are not limited to:

– all allergies
– personal of family history of depression
– asthma
– anorexia
– liver disease

People with these or other conditions may not be able to take Accutane or may need the dosage adjusted. Accutane should never be purchased online or outside of the iPLEDGE agreement.

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Research your options and discuss any apprehension with your doctor prior to starting any acne treatments. If you are concerned about the possibility of increased skin irritation, ask the physician for a pill form of the medicine. Doctors will frequently appreciate your input, and try to respect your wishes, after all it is your body and you understand better than anyone the effects medications can have on it. Finding a strong acne cream should not be difficult, with the number and quality of available products no one should have to suffer with acne.

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