The Best Primers For Oily Skin Of 2019

Today’s, we are doing top primers for oily skin you guys have been requesting these flat out. So these are my ride-or-die Holy Grail things that work really really well under makeup to not only help keep your skin matte but also to ensure that your makeup lasts a really really long time.  This article will apply to those of you who are greasy oily messes like I am but also combination skin types or just people who have like a really difficult time getting their makeup to stay on the face all day long.

You know how sometimes you know you get to like 3 4 p.m. you’re like what is going on with my face. Where’s my makeup? I don’t remember wiping it off but it’s not there these primers will help with those issues too. So if you are interested in learning about the best primers that are worth investing in then please keep on watching.


The Best Primers For Oily Skin

The Best Primers For Oily Skin Of 2019

1. Hourglass Mineral Veil primer

Veil primer

So I’m going to start this article out with the Hourglass Mineral Veil primer.  You guys have heard me talk about this product. So many times this is a beautiful lightweight prime there is something about this primer. That does wonders for oily skin. I use this over my entire face. I can use it under my eyes on my nose anywhere and it keeps my makeup looking beautiful for the longest time. What is interesting about this one? Is it’s not actually manufactured or targeted towards oily skin but it works so well under any foundation. So yeah the Hourglass Mineral Veil is definitely at the top of my list.

2. Mac Prep and Prime

Mac Prep and Prime

Next up I want to talk about the Mac prep and prime skin based primer. This is the products that I’ve been using for many years as a pro makeup artist. I adore this product is very simple you can apply it on any type of skin actually dry skin and works really really rolling as well but this stuff will ensure that your makeup does not budge all day along. This works so well and it also works really well for oily skins. I find that if I use this underneath my makeup. You know I can get 10 11 12 hours of wear out of my makeup. No problems at all without even having to touch up obviously provided. I’m wearing the right foundation but and yet another really really great primer that’s definitely worth trying out.


3. dr. Brandt Pores

dr. Brandt Pores

Next up I’ve got the dr. brandt pores no more. So this is their pore refiner primer and this one absorbs oil and mattifies shine. This one is a beautiful product and it’s actually more of a recent addition to my collection. I’ve been testing this one for about four weeks. Now all I can say is why didn’t I buy it earlier why didn’t I buy it earlier this works so well and it’s actually got a really beautiful tea tree scent to it. So when you apply it in the morning you know on your face it’s like oh it kind of like wake you up a little bit beautiful. So this smooths fine lines and minimizes pores but most importantly will keep your face matte for a really really long time. The first time I wore this I think I wore my makeup for about 15 hours and I remember coming in here to wipe it off and I was like oh my goodness like look at my face like how is this even possible. So yeah love loves this primer and you can pick this one up from Mecca stores here in Australia. I will pop links and stuff for all of the products that I mentioned down below so that you guys can find them easily okay!

4. Becca ever matte poreless

Becca ever matte poreless

Next up I want to talk about the Becca ever matte poreless priming perfect Akaash. It’s a really long name um I have had comments from you guys over the last two months being like Nakia you’ve got to try the Becca primer and just get it and I remember forage as I was trying to buy it on the Sephora website and also in store from Sephora and it was always out of stock well about for about three weeks ago I finally got my hands on this and oh my goodness. I can’t, even so, this isn’t a normal primer I must stress that you can’t use this over your entire face how you would any of these other primers this is for pinpointing problem areas. So I actually will only use this there on the center of my forehead down the bridge of my nose on my top lip and on my chin and sometimes I’ll blend like a really small amount sort of out on my cheek sort of towards. You know like the central areas of my cheeks this dries down. So fast it is not easy to work with I have to you know just. So you guys know it’s not easy to work with but once you figure out how to use this.

It’s mind-boggling like seriously this it keeps me so mad. I think more matte than any of these other primers doesn’t really create like a barrier. So it’s not you know like a barrier prom that’s going to prevent the oil coming through essential oil hits this and it turns matte like it’s some kind of science experiment. I’m telling you but now that I know how to use it. I am in love with it also want to mention the Rimmel stay matte primer. This is a really great drugstore alternative and I have been using this primer. I’m going to say for like six or seven years like this was my ride-or-die drugstore primer I love this one. It’s really simple and that’s what I love about it sometimes it’s the most simple products that actually work the best. So yeah I’ll use this all over my entire face in the morning. I love this for work. I applied this really early in the morning and then I’ll wear it through a whole day of work come home without having to stress about looking like a shiny disco ball. It’s really really affordable too and you know products blend out beautiful on top of it. So yeah really really love the Rimmel stay matte.

5. Smashbox foundation primer

Smashbox foundation primer

Next up I’ve got these Smashbox photo finish foundation primer oil-free pore minimizing are all of those words really in the name guys. It looks like this. It’s the purple one essentially. So this is another mattifying primer that also reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores. So, again I will use this through the t-zone on my nose and then I’ll sort of spread it. You know on these areas of my cheeks and also on my chin and my top lip, I can use this you know all over or as a spot primarily. You know it works both ways this will absorb oil kind of similar to the Becca one but this one’s a lot easier to work with it will absorb oil as the oil comes through and prevent your face getting shiny and then lastly.

I wanted to mention the Kat Von D locket featherweight primer. I use this on all of my brides a lot of my clients really
a really great hydrating primer which as you know when you add hydration back into the skin counteracts the oil issue and your skin goes. I’m not as parched as I thought. I was so I’m not going to try and you know to hydrate myself by producing way too many oils. So really really simple like it just feels like a quite a light moisturizer on the skin.

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It’s not thick nothing looks cakey on top of it really easy to work with um and yeah quite basic really really quite
basic. That is it for my top primers for oily skin. I hope you guys really found this article helpful as always.

See on video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWykfpjNe2M

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