The Best Skincare Routine For Combination Skin

Combination skin products – I’d like to give you some tips on caring for combination skin. Combination skin is when you are dry on your lateral cheeks and in the center of your face or your t-zone is oily and the reason that happens is that your oil glands are actually more located in the center of your face than they are in your lateral cheeks. One of the best things is to use a cleanser that will get rid of oil but that isn’t drying and two of the ones.

Best Favorite combination of skin care routine products

  • Combination of skin care product used:
  • MANEFIT Bling Bling Hydro Gel Mask
  • NEOGEN Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine
  • MISSHA Super Aqua Ultra Water-Full Clear Cream
  • ERBORIAN Dong Baek Camellia Essence
  • BANILA CO Clean It Zero Classic

I really like are Cetaphil hydrating cleanser and also CeraVe makes a foaming cleanser which is really nice because it will get rid of oil but it doesn’t overly dry the skin lightweight moisturizers that are oil-free. So you’re still getting some moisture for that dry skin but you’re not overly adding an overly oily product for oily skin other things. That you can do for combination skin is seek professional help. So dermatologists frequently perform chemical peels and micro-dermabrasions which are good ways to keep your skin healthy. That was some basic information but before you start any skin care program or have any procedures.


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My mom is a huge skincare inspiration for me because she’s three in the small business and she was always walking in and out of skincare shops. She gave me my first facial cleanser and moisturizer. When I was around the age of 12 or 13 and that’s when I really first started for me. Now have a full set of skincare products for my routine and I’m still learning more but I’m just exploring new things and trying out different products to see which one fits for my skin.

I always wore eyeliner and foundation every single day and I had trouble getting the eyeliner completely off of my face. So after I discovered the double cleansing routine that Koreans do it really helped make my skin so squeaky clean after since then I’ve been exploring more Korean skincare products and it’s been really fun because there’s just so many types of products out there.


Since I’m a student I love how effective yet affordable Korean skincare is and if they’re really fun trying everything out. So I have a combination skin where my t-zone gets really oily throughout the day but my cheeks stay really dry. I always have to use a moisturizer specifically for that area and I like to use mattifying products for my t-zone. For my nighttime routine, I like to double cleanse and use the oil-based cleanser and I still use the vanilla coal cleaner zero. So after that, I like to use a gentle foaming cleanser and I like to use this both day and night.

So once or twice a week I like to exfoliate and I use the neogen bio peel to get rid of all the dry patches and does in the film I see and then I follow up with a sheet mask and I like to use the MANEFIT Bling Bling Hydro Gel Mask because it just feels really nice and it brings back the moisture in my face.

So after that, I like to use a toner and I like to use this to hydrate my face and prep my skin for the rest of my routine. I just dab a little on my hand and Pat it gently into my skin so for essences and serums I like to switch between two one for brightening and one for hydration. So right now I’m using me or ERBORIAN Dong Baek Camellia Essence because New York City is still really really dry and I really want to give my skin the hydration.


That I use so for a daytime moisturizer. I like to keep it matte because I do get oily throughout the day. So I like to use the Missha clear cream and it has a really nice gel texture which is not oily at all. So the night I like to use a richer moisturizer and I like to put it on the spots that tend to get drier such as my cheeks and the side of my nose skincare is important to me because I like to keep my skin from breaking out. So now my makeup sits nicely on top I also think it’s fun to discover new products and experiment with skincare.

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