Top 5 Tips For Gel Eye-Liners

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I have been using gel eyeliner for a long time now and although I have tried many other kinds… pencil, liquid, etc. Gel eyeliner is the best if you have no eyelashes and are trying to define your eye in a natural way.  Using this eyeliner also means that you can work into the water-line of your eye easily, which can really help to define your eyes that bit more.


My top 5 tips for gel eye-liners:

1 Find a gel eyeliner that glides over the skin of your eyelid easily.  The eye is delicate and you don’t want to pull or press too hard on the skin.  You can try a tester on the back of your hand just to see how it goes on.  Try doing a light wiggly line and imagine that it is your eye.  Avoid ones that are too dry.

2 Use the right kind of brush with a excellent length handle on it. Otherwise you are not going to make the best effect and it will make life hard if you use some of the piddly brushes that just come free with your product.

3 Look after your brush that you use to place the eyeliner on.  As you are using it every day and putting it right inside your eye it needs to be clean.  I keep wet wipes with my beauty kit and clean brushes with these and once a week or so i use soap and water to thoroughly clean them.

4 When you’re using your gel eyeliner make sure you always place the lid back on tightly.  You don’t want it drying out.  If the eye liner is getting to the end of the pot and had dried out a bit and does not glide as easily then get the end of your make up brush and just stir the remains.

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5 And irrevocably my best of all the tips! I was rubbish when I first started wearing this kind of eyeliner.  I had such a wobbly hand!  My best tip is to just do what you can by putting the eyeliner on and then for your mistakes just get a cotton bud,  dip it into some eye-make up remover and just sympathetically edit away any mistakes.  Simple!

Two of my favourite Gel Eyeliners are  Elf Cream Eyeliner and Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner.

Elf is a new brand that you can buy online and is only about £4.  I reckon it is really excellent but I have to say I still like the Bobbi Brown translation which is about £15.  As long as you look after the eyeliner it lasts ages!  This glides on truly nicely and I discover that it has a nice he end everywhere since the Elf one has the shinyness to it. Furthermore , i like the dark brown Bobbi Brown colour which i go for. Whereas the actual Elf has grayscale then the next color down for me is simply too light.  I also found that the Bobbi Brown eyeliner stays on for longer and the tint of colour is much stronger.

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