6 Unexpected Vaseline Beauty Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Known Before

Since 1859 vaseline has been used for everything from soothing dry and correct skin to healing scrapes and bonds. According to the Vaseline website, the ointment is made from petroleum jelly that is purified three times in the process. While you are likely to have used Vaseline as a moisturizer did you know that it can also use to remove makeup stains from clothing and unstick a zipper. The following 10 hacks are ingenious ways to use petroleum jelly. Around the home.

Vaseline Beauty Hacks

Vaseline Beauty Hacks

Unexpected Vaseline Beauty Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Known Before

1. DIY body scrubs mix kosher salt and Vaseline to make an inexpensive moisturizing body scrub for the shower.


2. This can also work as a lip scrub rub it on your eyelashes for thicker looking lashes smooth. Vaseline onto your eyelashes. It will create a shinier look and is even thought to make them grow faster.

3. Give yourself a glow for an instantly sexy sheen rub some Vaseline onto your legs or cheekbones. It will give you that subtle glow of ultra-hydrated skin.

4. In such earrings easy sometimes after not wearing earrings for a while. It can be a bit difficult to insert an earring
easily slide the post into your ear by applying a bit of Vaseline to the area beforehand.

5. Help heal bonds Vaseline is a great healing aid for minor burns from a fire are even sunburn bonds are a big problem, as well as the refugees have to prepare meals and cook using open flames. I give patients Vaseline as it is an effective and efficient treatment for most bones.


6. Soften heart and heals one of my favorite home remedies for dry or calloused feet is to treat them. With this overnight regimen before bed take a warm shower or soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes. While gently exfoliating the outer dry layers of skin then pat dry and apply a lotion with a mild acid like salicylic or lactic acid finally apply a layer of Vaseline jelly and then a pair of socks to leave in place throughout the night.

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