Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion Products in A Honest Review

What makes a product keep exist and more loved day by day? The answer is about quality. Vaseline intensive care lotion proved it. Some of the excellent vaseline products are vaseline intensive care body lotion, vaseline intensive care advanced repair lotion, vaseline intensive care deep restore body lotion, vaseline intensive care advanced repair lotion, vaseline intensive care cocoa radiant, vaseline intensive care lotion for face, etc.     vaseline intensive care lotion

Having a beautiful skin is not only about how you look physically but also about the skin healthy. Healthy skin is a bright, soft and light colored that do not have any damage on the surface. To protect your skin from damage threat from the environment, you need to use lotion as a protector. Have you ever heard vaseline intensive care lotion?


Talking about lotion, many people over the world have a mainstay product to use. Vaseline intensive care body lotion or vaseline intensive care lotion for the face as a skincare product proved to protect people skin from any damage. Vaseline intensive care lotion used around the world by young, old, woman, man and others to avoid any skin damage just by applying it every day. So, let’s jump to the vaseline intensive care review!

Vaseline Intensive Care Review

vaseline intensive care review

If you need a non-greasy lotion with a light scented, vaseline intensive care lotion is a brilliant choice. As a daily product, the vaseline intensive care body lotion has a beautiful scented to upgrade your mood. Apply the Vaseline lotion on the face could also make your face skin smoother and moisture to eliminate any damage like acne or wrinkles.

Healthy looking skin begins with deep moisturization. Vaseline already infused the lotions with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly micro-droplets so that it could moisturize skin even restore and profoundly its youthful look. Apply Vaseline intensive care advanced repair lotion to moisturize also release stubborn super dry skin patches. It is suitable for sensitive skin condition as Vaseline is lightly scented. Not only limited to the quality of the lotion, but most people also talk about the packaging and the variance products.

Vaseline produced in many variant products for any function, any skin condition, even in some size packaging. According to that, you can use Vaseline intensive care lotion for whatever you need. Since the size also consists of mini into significant size, you can apply it in your house or while you do traveling. A mini-sized Vaseline lotion could help you fulfill fill your skin nutrition on your trip. Still talking about the function, the Vaseline multifunction cannot be separated from its great main ingredients.

Vaseline Intensive Care Ingredients

vaseline uses for face

If you start to look for any information about Vaseline intensive care lotion reviews, you will found that vaseline intensive care lotion has a huge fan out there. People usually found an excellent function of vaseline intensive care body lotion after used it as the daily product. The purpose comes from the ingredients that clinically proved as nutrition for the skin. Some of the parts that keep over the years are petroleum that could seal the surface with a barrier of water-protective. Petroleum helps skin heal even retain moisture.

Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion Series Packaging

vaseline intensive care face

As one of the product, let’s check about the vaseline intensive care deep restore body lotion to know the beauty of packaging. It comes with very mild, soothing and light. The package comes with a high variance in size and models. The models come with flip bottle, pump bottle, tube, etc. Move to other product, vaseline intensive care cocoa radiant has a very different variance of volume to full fill any need. You can choose the big size for a home uses or traveling need with mini sized.

Texture and Fragrance

Vaseline intensive care advanced repair lotion comes in a creamy texture and milky white color. Not limited to its best touch, as an example, vaseline intensive care face is very light after applied to your skin. Vaseline lotion on the face has a mild fragrance that is hardly noticeable. You will felt the fragrance if you sniff your skin after used it to the surface.  The light scent is causing an apt product for you that like face or body lotions with fragrance-free.

The Vaseline intensive care advanced repair lotion consistency is super thick mainly if compared to other products from the range, which make it the best option for people with dry skin. Vaseline lotion only takes about one minute to be absorbed. Do some massage to make it well-spread over the surface. What good from the cream is that after applied, it won’t leaving any greasy cast behind which makes an excellent point.


The vaseline lotion price is variance according to the size and product types. For example, for a vaseline intensive care cocoa radiant with 32 oz in pump bottle packaging you can get it only with 18.96 $ on Amazon. Or, you can also get the lotion in any supermarket near to your house.

Pros and Cons of Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion

Here are the honest review, the pros and cons of Vaseline product as a reference.

Pros :

  • Various sizes and very affordable
  • The packaging lovely and calm
  • Pretty convenient as travels need
  • Very mild, perfect for fragrance-free lotion fans
  • The texture is thick, ideal for both parched and dry skin
  • Absorbed quickly, not leaving any greasy or oily for skin
  • The formula gives an instant hydration boost to dry skin
  • It can make the skin soft, supple and healthy
  • Repairing in very fast, about five days only

Cons :

  • Not all of the products serve a UV protection, so make sure you choose the SPF one if you need one.
  • By applying during the summer, It could prove to be a little sticky and heavy or for oily skin
  • All the products work similarly, the variance of the product not that different in the function of the surface. But still, if you have dry skin, it highly recommended.

Exclusive Conclusion

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Vaseline intensive care lotion still a highly recommended skin product to use as your daily skin routine treatment. You can use it as a body and face product treatment. You can choose whatever product of Vaseline that you need. Some of the product is vaseline intensive care advanced repair lotion to protect your super dry skin, vaseline intensive care deep restore body lotion for an additional moisturizer, vaseline intensive care cocoa radiant for a lightly scented lotion.

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