Review Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer

This product review is from Franca on her youtube channel. She won’t tell about review Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer. So let’s check this out!

Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer


It’s about this Vaseline intensive care spray Moisturizer. I saw this on my craft calm and I was super excited because I’ve never used a spray moisturizer. This comes in two variants similar to the lotions. 1s the Coco radiator or the other one says hello and I don’t remember the name.

I think it’s intense, so anyway I watered and Coco glow. Because I was I really like this variant. Even in the moisturizer moisturizing lotions and yeah this is all the packaging looks I will give you a closer look. But yeah so it says moisturizes absorbs in seconds restores dry skin and non-greasy.

With microdroplets of Vaseline jelly new continuous spray and then it just says hold 4 inches away from the skin and spray all over the body and then there’s something returned. In some other language, I am not sure so anywho.

So when I saw the description as like a little skeptical as to like did I make. Make a mistake by purchasing like this. Because the actual moisturizing lotion also has a similar description. It says nongreasy and microdroplets of Kwajalein jelly. So I started using it and then I started loving it. I think I got it mostly just the packaging. And the fact, that it says pre-moisturizer. But then it’s a really good product. So yeah, let me just show you a demo. So yeah and then you just the usual stuff yeah. I just actually, I think I spread a little more extra.


But yeah it’s quite nice. It’s like easy breezy. So yeah, I think it’s a great product like for on-the-go if you can just throw it in your bag. If you like one of those people like me who have carry like bulky handbags and then or you can just put it at the at some place in your room here when you’re just stepping out and you look super late and then you realize that you haven’t motorized your hands or legs. And then you can just spray it like then and it’s done. So yeah, that way I’m really loving it and it’s like quite moisturizing.

The formula is quite similar to the original one. Only that this is Mike non-greasy it’s like on the core like you just spray it and then you can leave and it’s true. It sticks to moisturize and absorbs in seconds.

Yes definitely true but then it’s not like the full moisturizer like in the night. I use like a proper moisturizer and then the morning. When I’m getting out of flick right after I get out of the shower and I’m like on the go I have to I’m in the rush to leave for work.

Then I think this is like really good for that. But it’s not like a full moisturizer like you can’t like skip the moisturizer and just use this although this is quite moisturizing. But then I wouldn’t say that it’s like extremely moisturizing for winter, especially now that it’s winter. I think in the morning like just spray it on. It’s good and it goes on for like ours.

But I think I would still prefer like a cream moisturizer. In the night like a body butter cool on moisturizer in the night and then I think I’m using just for the DA and I think it works great.

I’m loving it and if there is priced of 380 rupees which are a little low price. It gives the usual moisturizer like 175 rupees and this is for one idml and I think the other moisturizers are like about 295.

Much a little overpriced but for somebody who wants to try out new products and for somebody who is lazy like me to moisturize I do make sure to moisturize. But then I so for somebody like that I think on the wood this is like a really good product.

So definitely check it out and I think he loved it have that cocoa butter smell. It’s the same variant as you should file a notional of Vaseline body moisturizers.

I think the two like really good wonders. I lock them I love them we went for windows and other seasons. Yeah, and I love this too. So that’s all for my review on Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturizer.

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I hope this review was useful and if you have tried it like me know in the comments below have you’ve liked it. This is like moisturizing enough is this like handy or like you like if you like this like blah waste of money. Please let me know in the comments below.